This holiday means a lot to so many people. To some people it means spending quality time with your family that you haven’t seen in a while. To others it might mean traveling to visit a friend and spending quality time reminiscing about your long term friendship and thanking God that you both have come a long way. Others also use this time to shop with family and friends in preparation of Christmas. As you’re reading this I’m sure you fall into one of those categories.

As for me, Thanksgiving is full of joy in my two families. On my parents side of family, we laugh and eat a lot of African food and maybe Turkey but not necessary. We go around and say out loud what each of us are thankful for. It’s so fun that we spend time discussing about how our lives have changed and how we are so thankful for each of us. In my house, we don’t do the traditional thanksgiving meal like sweet potato casseroles, ham, green beans and so on. Rather we do Jollof Rice which is a typical African food that you always see in any African event. There’s also chicken, plantains, stew, spinach or mixed vegetables, moi moi, and so on.

My in-laws ,who I call my family as well, take this holiday to a whole new level. They go all out by making all traditional meals including stuffing from scratch. I admire this because I wasn’t raised eating Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving because it wasn’t my culture so my parents never got used to it. Being in the United States for more than ten years has definitely changed my perspective on holidays. My sisters in law wake up cooking and then go to Black Friday very early in the morning.

When it comes to events like this, the two families are different but similar. The food might be very different but the idea behind Thanksgiving is very similar. This particular year is very special to the both families in the sense that my older brother and his wife gave birth to my niece two days before our daughter was born. This is what I call double blessings and, for the first time, becoming grandparents, God decided to bless them abundantly. On my in laws side, this will be their first granddaughter. God has blessed us so much that we are full of joy and testimonies. During this time last year I had a miscarriage. To be standing here today with a baby who is so loved by the world is all God. He is so faithful and always true to His Word. I hope this encourages you to stand firm in the Word of God. He will never fail you nor forsake you. I am so thankful for my husband who is always supportive of me. He’s a wonderful father and an amazing son to his family. I love him with all my heart and I wouldn’t let this day go by without saying “Thank You” to a great man of God who I honor and respect with all my heart. I love you babe.

I encourage you to not let a day go by without saying “thank you” to your loved one and tell them why you’re thankful.



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