Worth The Wait

As I write this, I’m filled with emotions remembering the birth of our daughter, Keziah, which means “Sweet scented spice that attracts the presence of God.” She is actually sitting here with me and looking right at the computer as I type away. Keziah is everything any parent would want, because she brings so much joy to the world. She’s so loved wherever she goes, and the funny thing is, she has her own fan club!!

During my pregnancy, it was so smooth that all the doctors and nurses look forward to seeing me for my appointments. Yes, it was that good! I prayed for a smooth pregnancy especially after I had gone through a miscarriage. I could count the number of times I threw up and I barely got sick. I mean, I had it really good. My husband and I also looked forward to our appointments because we would always eat breakfast together after each checkup to recuperate before going back to our respective jobs. We loved spending time together during these appointments. Now towards the last month of my pregnancy, we attended the pregnancy class that was offered for first-time parents. These classes where offered on a weekly basis and we enjoyed our instructor. She is very good at what she does.

My due date was September 1st according to what I was told from the beginning and when the 1st came, baby was not here. I began to panic. I walked miles upon miles upon miles, and still no baby. I did several things that I wouldn’t imagine myself doing – only when I’m pregnant and I want baby out now! Anyway, I did things like taking lots of hot sauce, climbing stairs and running up and down stair cases. I mean, what didn’t I do? Yet, still no baby. I began asking God to give the peace to accept that she was going to come in His timing and not my timing. People would ask me things like, “When is baby coming?” and I began responding to them saying, “Baby will come when God has ordained for her to come, because it’s His timing, not mine.” Once I started declaring that out of my mouth, I began to feel the peace of God rest over me. Shortly, when I decided to rest from all the exercises I did that day, around midnight my water broke.

I went to the hospital and they almost sent me home for the second time, until they checked with the doctor first. After checking with the doctor, I was asked to not go home because I was getting induced that day. I came into the hospital 1cm dilated and stayed in bed until I was 100% dilated. How that happened, I have no clue, but God. When Keziah finally came out after an hour and thirty minutes of pushing, it was all worth waiting for. She came out crying and sucking her thumb. She is so beautiful and precious. She brings joy to my heart that I already forgot what I went through to bring her out into this world. She was born on 9/9/16 which apparently signifies everything in the holy realm. Keziah is so perfect for our growing family. I call her my little angel that God blessed me with. She’s going to do exploits and God will use her mightily for her generation to come.

I hope my story inspires you that whatever you’re praying to God for and He hasn’t answered or it hasn’t come, just know that it’s worth the wait and it’s not coming on your timing, but God’s timing. Stay blessed, stay encouraged, and stay beautiful.

Check out this video of Keziah:

Leave a comment below if you relate with my story or if you can share. What area in your life was or is worth waiting for?

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