Transition: Episode 1…Becoming a New Mom

Episode #1: Becoming a new mom

As I’m sitting here, thinking about how my life has completely changed since I became a new mom, it blows my mind. If any mom out there says that being a new mom is easy, they definitely are lying to you. However, it’s a blessing for me to be responsible for someone’s life and for them to completely depend on me for their healthy growth. I have learned so much in two months already, and there’s still a lot to be learned as time goes on. Here are few tips that will help you as you go through this journey with your little one, my friend.

#1. Always ask for help

My first week home was so overwhelming that I felt lost. Family and friends flooded our house like a flowing river. We come from a big family so it was definitely expected to just have an open-door policy. This particular day when our friends came over with their husbands, the women took me to the kitchen and started giving me advice. They literally showed me how to pump, when I could start pumping, and why I needed to start ASAP because I was just lost at the moment. Another showed me a way to sterilize my bottles — which, by the way I knew all these, but for some reason, I felt dumb because it all came to me at once and right at that moment I started crying. It became a reality to me that I’m now a mom! During my first couple of weeks home, I was so fortunate to have people come over to relieve me just so I could have a couple hours to myself. Shower time became so important and valuable that I looked forward to JUST taking a shower. When people text you or call you and ask, “Can I come over to watch the baby for few hours?” please say yes when you can and take advantage of that, because it’s really worth it and you will never regret it. I took advantage of it and I don’t regret it. Even as she’s now two months, I’m still saying yes to people who want to babysit her while I have my “me time.”

#2: Crying is good for you

I’m a crier; anybody who knows me knows that it doesn’t take me long to cry. Yes, I’m very emotional, and that’s ok with me. There will be some days when you’re by yourself and all you can do is cry. Just the thought of you holding a baby that is not your niece’s, cousin’s, or someone else’s but your own baby is pretty amazing to me, and can cause me to cry. Also the thought of childbirth and what you went through comes back to you. There are days when you feel like you’ve done everything you can to make them go to sleep and you are so exhausted, but they don’t know that. Instead, they choose to stay awake at night. Basically, there are a lot of things that will happen during the first few weeks that will make you cry, but I’m here to encourage you to not hold it in. Let it out, for your own sanity. Talk to your trusted friends or mentors and tell them what you’re going through. Once you’ve opened up to share it with someone, keep your head high and move on. The road gets brighter as you stay focused on becoming the best mom you can be to your little one.

#3: Pumping

This tip is what I call “milking a cow,” because that’s how I feel sometimes. First of all, pumping hurts like crazy, but you’ve got to do it especially if you need the help, right? If you can pump, I advise you to pump because this gives you some type of break in order to have your spouse or loved one help you while you get some rest. Pumping after breastfeeding helps to stimulate your milk production and increase your milk supply. Another good reason for you to pump is to relieve the pain and pressure of engorged breasts. Trust me, nobody needs to tell you that, because they become really hard and the only option you have is to pump. I also love when I pump because it gives my husband bonding time with our daughter, since they don’t really do that while he’s at work. Also during pumping, try to eliminate caffeine or soda, because they will dry up your milk. Trust me, I learned the hard way and I don’t want you to go through that. Drinking lots of fluids like water and juices brings it back, but it takes a while for it to come back, so take note. Pumping is important for me as well because it gives us the liberty to still have date nights — which takes me to my next tip.

There are more tips to come. Just sit back and relax, hopefully with a cup of tea or coffee, as I continue with these tips in the next blog. Until then, stay inspired. #adakuinspires



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