Transition: Episode 1…Becoming a New Mom continues

#4: Don’t eliminate Date Nights

As a new mom, I look forward to date nights. My husband and I have committed to setting a day in the week for JUST the two of us. Occasionally, we will incorporate our daughter, but that doesn’t happen a lot and it defeats the purpose. We enjoy date nights and we both look forward to that day. Sometimes when we have a bad week or something, we get giddy like little kids waiting to get candy, and we remind each other about our date night, which we look forward to. My husband is a staff pastor at our church and he is always busy, so carving out a day from his busy schedule means the world to me. It takes sacrifice and commitment, and I love him so much for making out time for us. With that being said, here comes my next tip.

#5. Sacrifice and commitment

Being a new mom comes with sacrifice. Whether it is sacrificing your time and energy, you just have to sacrifice. You have brought a beautiful baby to this world and it’s time to stay committed to that child. Each child comes with their own package and that’s what makes babies different. That this particular idea worked for you doesn’t mean it will work for me, but I’m willing to put my best in making sure my daughter gets the best from me. If you have established a routine, stay committed to it, because it pays off in the end. I committed to giving our daughter a bath at night time, reading to her, and praying with her each night, and I’m sticking with it. I believe in the Word of God that says, “Train up a child in a way he should grow and when he grows he shall not depart from it.” I hope you will stay committed to your routine as you are doing a good job already.

#6. Family Time

This is very important, as I enjoy spending quality time with my family. Growing up, my parents emphasized coming together and spending time talking about your day and all the good/bad stuff that happened, which we valued a lot. I am definitely incorporating this value in my own growing family, and I hope you are, too. I also read to my daughter every night and give her bath time as needed. She enjoys moments like this, especially bath time with mommy, because when I’m taking her clothes off ready to put her in the bath tub, she is laughing so hard that it melts my heart. Any mother out there would attest to what I’m talking about. Daddy sings to her and reads to her as well, depending on what time he gets back from work, which she anticipates with joy.

These are a few tips that will guide you through as you embark on this journey. Yes, there are so many tips out there as well as many pieces of advice you’ll get, but these have become extremely helpful to me as I go through it myself. I speak strength over your life and pray that God will give you the wisdom to take care of your child. Stay encouraged and never lose focus.


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