Happy Sunday Lovelies

Alarm goes off at 7:30am and we are up ready for church. I get myself ready of course because it takes me longer to get up according to hubby. He picks out my clothes as well as Kizzy’s (trust me it feels good knowing that it’s one less thing to worry about). We are a family that likes to coordinate our outfits so he picks out the women first before his which is easier, needless to say. Before we head out, I make sure Kizzy is fed and hubby is starting the car so it’s nice and warm (can’t complain for having a man that spoils his women).  Here’s a sneak peak of our outfit of the day. Don’t you think he did an awesome job?


Once we get to church, praise and worship is already on. We get settled into our seats and we immediately get in the mode of worship. We both love to worship, meaning, when the presence of God comes in, you see yourself on the floor weeping and surrendering at the altar. Yes! It’s that good. After the worship, comes offering and then the Word. One thing I don’t understand is seeing people walk away before the WORD. What’s up with that huh? That seriously makes me sick. The WORD of God is one of the most important factors of coming to church because you get excited to hear what the man of God has to say. Sometimes the Word for the day might be for you and you’ll never know unless you stay till the end.

After all that in church, we usually hang out with family or friends to catch up with each other or watch any game that is showing. Sundays after church is when hubby and I get to spend time together with others since the rest of the days are usually spent working. When we get home later in the evening or night, we wind down, talk and get ready for the week. What’s your typical Sunday like? Hope it is filled spending quality time with God, family or friends. Leave a comment below and summarize how you spend your Sundays.



It’s a New GROWTH

This week I decided to pick back up a habit that I left a while ago. This is something that I keep pushing away because of excuses of not having time to do it or caught with the busyness of life, like catching up with girlfriends and many more. However, recently I saw myself doing this and I’m enjoying it so far. This habit is called reading. Yes, I said it! Adaku is starting to read again and I’m excited about this adventure. Growing up in Nigeria, I had a next-door neighbor whom I’m a still very close friend with today. I would say she calls more often than I do but we understand each other very well. Anyway, we would pick a book each day to read and, after reading the book, we would exchange books with each other. This was so fun for me growing up because each day when I come back from school I looked forward to reading a novel with Frances. We read a lot of books each month that I can’t even count now. When I came to the States, I got carried away with school, working full time, becoming a wife, and now a new mom, which are exciting things, but nothing should drift me away from my passion to read.

Having said all that, now let’s introduce an amazing book that I’m looking forward to reading. Dr. James Dobson calls this book “bringing up GIRLS.”  I picked up this book because I have a daughter whom my husband and I want the best for her and desire that she will become the Godly woman God intends for her life. We would also give her the best advice to shape her in becoming a role model for her generation. I’m already loving what I’m seeing and I hope to finish it soon so that I can do a book review with you all.  I also have faith that I’ll finish it on time so you are not waiting for long. Stay tuned for my book review because I plan to reveal to you all what I liked or disliked about it if there’s any reason whatsoever. If you haven’t read this book and would like to join me, please feel free to do so and we can discuss it later. If you have read it, please don’t be a party pooper and be patient with me for the review date.

Stay blessed and happy reading.  #adakuinspires

Digital Media


Yes! Let’s all agree that the world is transforming through the means of interactive communication with the use of technology and multimedia industries. I didn’t know it would come to a time where everyone is bending their heads down looking at their phones, laptops or any electronic devices visible. I’m guilty of this, trust me, and that’s why I want to bring attention to it especially when it’s affecting our society, not to talk of our children. It’s very true that digital media is important when it comes to businesses outsourcing their marketing needs or as business owners say, “it makes life easier.” However, we need to find other positive ways to raise our children rather than allowing digital media to do that for us. I don’t want to wait until it’s too late to find a solution.


As a mom with just a four-month-old baby, I find it hard to believe that there are more programs on television than people enforcing you to read everyday to your child. When my daughter wakes up in the morning I try to read to her (I’m not consistent with this method but I make the effort) or at nighttime, if hubby is not tired, he will do it. Basically, we try to read to our daughter each day because reading with your child is very fundamental. Although the life of new parents are often hectic, still try to read to your child when you possibly can. My mother always tells me, “If you start young to read to them, they would stay with it.”

I barely turn on the television during the day because it is easy to get your eyes so caught up on what’s going on out there that you forget what’s happening on the inside. This is note to self. There are pros and cons to using digital media, just don’t abuse it. Know your limit and don’t be a slave to it. Some people use digital media to bribe their kids to keep quiet from crying. I ask myself, “Adaku, did your parents buy you an iPad or a cell phone just so you could stop crying?” If my answer is no, then I don’t even entertain it.

Some people can’t wake up in the morning without first checking their social media. Does social media define who you are? You have to be honest with yourself and change your mindset in 2017. Let God be the center of your life. When you wake up, spend time first with God and if you’re not a morning person like me, spend time with God during the day or at night, which I prefer. Don’t let the world of digital media determine your future or your vision. Don’t let it rule your household. God has the final say over your life and that of your child. Stay encouraged and thanks for traveling this journey with me.



My One Word….


As 2016 has already come to a close, I look back and the word that comes to mind is Detoxing. The word detox in the Cambridge dictionary means to stop taking unhealthy or harmful foods, drinks, and other substances into your body for a period of time, in order to improve your health. This year I went through a period of detox where I watched what I ate due to my pregnancy, and in order to have a healthy baby, I had to take the healthier route for the benefit of both of us. When she came in September, I had to do another detox with my career and friends that were no longer a part of where God was taking me. Friends who wanted to be on the sideline to just watch me and see how I can get back up even when I’m down. They had no desire to stand with me and encourage me or even pray with me. It was time to let go of them and stay focused in God.


This was very huge for me, because in order to go to the next level, I had to let go of some things that I was holding onto very tightly. I prayed a lot about this decision, and one thing I heard God say to me was, “This time is a season of cleansing your life.” I am so grateful to God that I listened and obeyed his voice. Today, I feel free to do what it is that God is preparing for my family and me. I did a lot of detoxing in 2016, especially towards the end of the year, and I know it’s very significant for where God is taking me. It lines up with what God has in store for me.

A good friend of mine once said to me, “In winter, the leaves are bare, but it’s when the leaves are bare that you are able to see more. You are able to see what you weren’t able to see when it was crowded with leaves.” In this season comes humility because you get to sit back and watch God become God even when it seems dark, but you know within your heart that you will rise again. In the midst of a setback is when clarity comes in. You can move forward in a mighty way because you’ve spent time one on one with God, who has downloaded a lot of wisdom in you to carry the next assignment he has for you. 

I am extremely excited that 2017 is here because great things are coming and it’s coming in a big way. I’m ready for the blessing to burst open so that I can receive it with my open arms. I hope you feel the excitement in me. Let’s Go, 2017! I’m so ready for you. I encourage you to stay focused and chase after God regardless of your setbacks. Regardless of what the world thinks of you, just know that God Almighty has the ultimate say over your life. He knows everything about you and he knows your purpose in this life. Embrace your good times and bad times because he is up to something amazing for your life in 2017.


Inauguration 2017: Stay Focused. Keep Positive


Where do I even start? I’ll start by saying that today is going to be a great day! Donald Trump is going to be sworn in as the 45th President of United States of America. Whether we like it or not, it’s already happening. This is a movement that will unite both parties (Democrats and Republicans) and we all need to come together and support this president. Each side obviously have their views but let’s face it, we all need to participate in one accord irrespective of our views and stand united as Americans.

This is a moment of history and power for the nation however you look at especially Mr.Trump coming in this office as a novice. He’s not the traditional Republican. He’s a billionaire and business man who was never a politician yet wise enough to put experienced people around him on his transitional team.  In the midst of all that, we are believing that he’s going to be a great president for the country. Let’s stay positive and keep focused moving forward. 

I am certain that God knew what He was doing when Trump won the election and no one can change that. Stay hopeful and put our trust in God, not in any man, that this is the day the Lord has made. I will choose to rejoice and be glad in it.

Stay inspired and be blessed 

Reset the button: 28, Camera, Action

Wow! I can’t believe I just turned 28 on Monday. Not only was this day a very special holiday dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. who was an icon for being on the front lines of the civil rights movement, but it was a special day that Adaku was born. This is an exciting year to celebrate especially with all the things I have going on for me. I announced on Monday that I am now officially starting a YouTube Channel which, by the way, you can check out by typing Adaku inspires on www.youtube.com. I also launched my blog channel as well as my beauty products from Tyra Banks. Yes, this sounds like a mouth full but trust me I couldn’t be more happier doing all this now.

I am entering this year with nothing but confidence in God. He is the one telling me to do this and not look back. I am ready to conquer the world. I wish you can feel my excitement because there’s no room for negativity or doubt but there’s plenty of room for positivity and FAITH in God that says, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.”

My birthday celebration was very low key because that’s how I wanted it. It was filled with lots of love and laughter; I wanted to spend it with my family and close friends who mean so much to me. I have the biggest supporter in this world, my husband. He surprises me so much that it makes me speechless. I’m so grateful to have a loving husband who loves me unconditionally and supports me 100% in all I do.

I must say that I feel loved all around the globe on this special day and I thank you for also traveling this journey with me. I promise you that you will not be disappointed. I encourage you to not doubt your dreams or passion. Do what your heart longs for and trust that God will lead you in every step of the way. Stay blessed and stay inspired.

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Transition: Episode 2 – Job

When going through transition, sometimes things don’t make sense to you because they all happen at once. This was especially the case for me this year. Have you ever heard of that song by Travis Greene called Intentional (“All things are working for my good cause he’s intentional”)?

Every setback and success is intentional. When I made the decision not to return to work full time after the birth of our daughter, I thought it was a setback. I heard God clearly tell me to pack up my things like I was never coming back, and that’s exactly what I did. Someone out there might be thinking I’m crazy doing that, but I wouldn’t be where I am now if I didn’t make that decision. I have seen every step of our daughter’s growth, I serve my husband whole-heartedly with joy and I have so much peace knowing that our daughter is safe.

Anyone out there knows that it takes a lot to say you’re going from being a two-income family to becoming a one-income family. It’s not easy! All I can say is that Faith is all I got. Faith is the only thing that will get you through it. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. I also know that my security is not in my job but in God, and I know he has a huge gift for me to open.

I encourage you to not be a slave at your job or to someone who happens to be your boss. God wants to liberate you to become your own boss and depend on him.

He is the author and finisher of your faith, so why not trust him with everything you got? As for me, I’m liberated to become my own boss. I inspire greatness everywhere I go, not just when I’m home. I write, I counsel people going through all phases of life, and I inspire people according to my story. If you are not happy where you are right now and you feel like you need to make a change to achieve your dreams, I encourage you to pray about it first and ask for God’s clear direction. When you feel in your heart you know what God is saying, make that jump and don’t look back.

Don’t hesitate or procrastinate. Just do it and then watch how you will experience positive changes in your life. If you can do that, trust me, you are one step closer to that dream job, that financial freedom, that perfect weight you’ve always wanted, that good skin or good health you’ve always admired. God wants the best for you and you are his sons and daughters. Poverty should not be in your vocabulary. I encourage you to not let your job determine your financial status in life. Let God be God.

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