Digital Media


Yes! Let’s all agree that the world is transforming through the means of interactive communication with the use of technology and multimedia industries. I didn’t know it would come to a time where everyone is bending their heads down looking at their phones, laptops or any electronic devices visible. I’m guilty of this, trust me, and that’s why I want to bring attention to it especially when it’s affecting our society, not to talk of our children. It’s very true that digital media is important when it comes to businesses outsourcing their marketing needs or as business owners say, “it makes life easier.” However, we need to find other positive ways to raise our children rather than allowing digital media to do that for us. I don’t want to wait until it’s too late to find a solution.


As a mom with just a four-month-old baby, I find it hard to believe that there are more programs on television than people enforcing you to read everyday to your child. When my daughter wakes up in the morning I try to read to her (I’m not consistent with this method but I make the effort) or at nighttime, if hubby is not tired, he will do it. Basically, we try to read to our daughter each day because reading with your child is very fundamental. Although the life of new parents are often hectic, still try to read to your child when you possibly can. My mother always tells me, “If you start young to read to them, they would stay with it.”

I barely turn on the television during the day because it is easy to get your eyes so caught up on what’s going on out there that you forget what’s happening on the inside. This is note to self. There are pros and cons to using digital media, just don’t abuse it. Know your limit and don’t be a slave to it. Some people use digital media to bribe their kids to keep quiet from crying. I ask myself, “Adaku, did your parents buy you an iPad or a cell phone just so you could stop crying?” If my answer is no, then I don’t even entertain it.

Some people can’t wake up in the morning without first checking their social media. Does social media define who you are? You have to be honest with yourself and change your mindset in 2017. Let God be the center of your life. When you wake up, spend time first with God and if you’re not a morning person like me, spend time with God during the day or at night, which I prefer. Don’t let the world of digital media determine your future or your vision. Don’t let it rule your household. God has the final say over your life and that of your child. Stay encouraged and thanks for traveling this journey with me.



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