It’s a New GROWTH

This week I decided to pick back up a habit that I left a while ago. This is something that I keep pushing away because of excuses of not having time to do it or caught with the busyness of life, like catching up with girlfriends and many more. However, recently I saw myself doing this and I’m enjoying it so far. This habit is called reading. Yes, I said it! Adaku is starting to read again and I’m excited about this adventure. Growing up in Nigeria, I had a next-door neighbor whom I’m a still very close friend with today. I would say she calls more often than I do but we understand each other very well. Anyway, we would pick a book each day to read and, after reading the book, we would exchange books with each other. This was so fun for me growing up because each day when I come back from school I looked forward to reading a novel with Frances. We read a lot of books each month that I can’t even count now. When I came to the States, I got carried away with school, working full time, becoming a wife, and now a new mom, which are exciting things, but nothing should drift me away from my passion to read.

Having said all that, now let’s introduce an amazing book that I’m looking forward to reading. Dr. James Dobson calls this book “bringing up GIRLS.”  I picked up this book because I have a daughter whom my husband and I want the best for her and desire that she will become the Godly woman God intends for her life. We would also give her the best advice to shape her in becoming a role model for her generation. I’m already loving what I’m seeing and I hope to finish it soon so that I can do a book review with you all.  I also have faith that I’ll finish it on time so you are not waiting for long. Stay tuned for my book review because I plan to reveal to you all what I liked or disliked about it if there’s any reason whatsoever. If you haven’t read this book and would like to join me, please feel free to do so and we can discuss it later. If you have read it, please don’t be a party pooper and be patient with me for the review date.

Stay blessed and happy reading.  #adakuinspires

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