Happy Sunday Lovelies

Alarm goes off at 7:30am and we are up ready for church. I get myself ready of course because it takes me longer to get up according to hubby. He picks out my clothes as well as Kizzy’s (trust me it feels good knowing that it’s one less thing to worry about). We are a family that likes to coordinate our outfits so he picks out the women first before his which is easier, needless to say. Before we head out, I make sure Kizzy is fed and hubby is starting the car so it’s nice and warm (can’t complain for having a man that spoils his women).  Here’s a sneak peak of our outfit of the day. Don’t you think he did an awesome job?


Once we get to church, praise and worship is already on. We get settled into our seats and we immediately get in the mode of worship. We both love to worship, meaning, when the presence of God comes in, you see yourself on the floor weeping and surrendering at the altar. Yes! It’s that good. After the worship, comes offering and then the Word. One thing I don’t understand is seeing people walk away before the WORD. What’s up with that huh? That seriously makes me sick. The WORD of God is one of the most important factors of coming to church because you get excited to hear what the man of God has to say. Sometimes the Word for the day might be for you and you’ll never know unless you stay till the end.

After all that in church, we usually hang out with family or friends to catch up with each other or watch any game that is showing. Sundays after church is when hubby and I get to spend time together with others since the rest of the days are usually spent working. When we get home later in the evening or night, we wind down, talk and get ready for the week. What’s your typical Sunday like? Hope it is filled spending quality time with God, family or friends. Leave a comment below and summarize how you spend your Sundays.



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