What An Experience 

Woke up Saturday morning with mixed feelings. Went to her crib and she wasn’t there. My whole body was just shaking and I didn’t want to call or bother anyone at the time I woke up. I had lunch in the afternoon with a dear friend of mine so I took my mind off on how I was feeling and went to get ready. We had such a great time fellowshipping together. 

Once I got ready putting on my makeup, I came downstairs, grabbed my keys and off I drove to pick up my princess. Yes! Kizzy didn’t spend the night with her parents for two days. For some of you, this might be a piece of cake, but for a new mom like me, this wasn’t easy. I had to tell myself “Adaku, you got this” several times this past weekend. I missed her so much. My routine with her was off that her absence was noticed. I really don’t want to highlight just the sad part because that’s not the point for all this. The whole reason for Kizzy being away with her lovely grandparents was for my husband and I to spend time with each other which we don’t get to do often. We both are so blessed to have our parents live in the same states as we are, which makes life easier when circumstances like this arise. 

I would like to encourage all the couples out there who want that fire to keep burning in your relationship. Don’t let anyone come between your marriage or the love that you both have with each other. Take some time off your busy lives and do what makes you both happy. Laugh a lot and make lots of memories with just the little time you are given. I remember, when Kizzy was born, my husband looked at me and ensured me that we will still continue to have date nights. His words were “I didn’t get married to a baby, I got married to you first before a baby showed up!” He kept his words and still, to this day, he’s living up to these words. I encourage you to make time for each other regardless of where you are financially. Sometimes we wait until we have money to take our loved ones out but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s not about the money or the fancy restaurants or the over-the-top dates that matter, but it’s about the simplicity of life. 

Here are some pictures from this past weekend and I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog. Til next time, stay inspired beautiful people




Healthy Eating Helps towards a Healthy Soul


When you look at the picture above, what comes to your mind? Does it sound something like “Man, I want to eat that now!” or “ That looks good and all, but ain’t nobody got time for this!” Trust me I said the same thing in my head but got my tired self up to the kitchen and made that food. When I’m cooking in the kitchen, I usually don’t look at a picture from some type of magazine or Pinterest (Ok, with the exception of Lasagna because I just can’t seem to put all the ingredients together! Too many layers and cheese lol) Like I was saying before being sidetracked, when I walk into the kitchen, I become creative. I don’t cook with measurements because my momma just made sure I was always in the kitchen watching her as she cooked and, finally, she allowed me to make a family meal at the age of ten…that’s how my love for cooking all began. Here are my steps to achieving this great meal, which my husband and I couldn’t think of the name to call it, but maybe you can help me, figure out a name afterwards 🙂 This meal is also perfect for vegetarians as well as those who are in what’s called a Daniel Fast (just don’t add the chicken).

  1. Unripe Plantains (Helps with your Iron intake)
  2. Sweet Potatoes
  3. Diced Tomatoes
  4. Tomato sauce
  5. Chicken
  6. Onions
  7. Bell Peppers (Red, Orange, Green)
  8. Jalapeño Peppers
  9. Green and Yellow Squash
  10. Salt and Pepper
  11. Fresh Parsley
  12. Lots of ingredients for taste
  13. Vegetable Oil
  14. Mixed Vegetables


Combine diced unripe plantains and sweet potatoes in a saucepan. Add onions, salt and pepper, and chicken broth all together. Allow that to boil for at least 10 minutes and then add all the ingredients to taste (tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeño peppers, green and yellow squash, vegetable oil, chicken). Cover for another 10 minutes. Add the fresh parsley 5 minutes before it’s done to avoid being overcooked. Serve while it’s still hot. Oh and by the way, please don’t judge me because I ate all that and I love to eat.

Bon appetite

Being Intentional with your walk with God

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for human beings. Remember that the Lord will give you as a reward what he has kept for his people. For Christ is the real Master you serve.”‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:23-24‬ ‭GNB‬‬

What A Weekend!! My question is how did you occupy your Saturday? Are you being intentional with your weekend? Or are you one of those that sit at home binge watching all your favorite shows on Netflix? Whichever you are, I wanted to share about what it was like attending three events all in one day.

So my Saturday started off with a women’s brunch at our church which was so beautiful. The food was so great that, when we were given an opportunity to go for seconds, almost half of the women in the room stood up as if we’ve been waiting for someone to ask the question 🙂 I was also glad to see my Pennsylvania friends in town especially when we don’t see each other often…this was definitely a treat! Overall, I enjoyed this brunch and I was so happy to see some women get saved. Below are some pictures you would enjoy from the brunch.



Moving on to my next destination which was a friend’s business launch party. This was quite a reunion because I got to see a lot of faces that I haven’t seen in a while. The host for this party opened up her lovely home to a whole bunch of women and we all had a good time. We ate some chocolate covered strawberries along with chocolate pretzels, cupcakes, brownies, and a lot more. Here are few pictures to give you a perspective on what I’m talking about. 


The last stop for the night was a 50th Birthday Party of one of our good friends. She looked so fabulous in her classy red dress for her big day. The party was well put together. Starting from the location of the party , to the decoration, and the food. It was all done with class and we enjoyed ourselves. I had an opportunity to speak on behalf of the celebrant and to bless her as she embarks on this journey. There were so many remarkable statements made about Leslie that it touched my heart. One thing my husband and I did at the end was take some pictures, of course! Trust me, you would have done the same thing if you had attended this birthday party. You would have snapped or instagramed the whole event; that’s how good everything looked. Ok, I’ll stop now and have you drool over these pictures.





The reason for this blog is to encourage you to BE INTENTIONAL and take some time to enjoy life with the beautiful people God has put in your path. You don’t get to do this all the time so, when you have opportunity like this, enjoy it and don’t look back. I love the famous quote that says “Live, Love, Laugh” 

On that note, stay blessed, stay beautiful and be inspired 


Let Go and Let God be God


‭‭Psalms‬ ‭78:11-20‬ ‭GNB‬‬
“They forgot what he had done, the miracles they had seen him perform. While their ancestors watched, God performed miracles in the plain of Zoan in the land of Egypt. He divided the sea and took them through it; he made the waters stand like walls. By day he led them with a cloud and all night long with the light of a fire. He split rocks open in the desert and gave them water from the depths. He caused a stream to come out of the rock and made water flow like a river. But they continued to sin against God, and in the desert they rebelled against the Most High. They deliberately put God to the test by demanding the food they wanted. They spoke against God and said, “Can God supply food in the desert? It is true that he struck the rock, and water flowed out in a torrent; but can he also provide us with bread and give his people meat?”

We sin when we do not obey God. So many times God has a perfect plan for us or He has made a perfect path for us to walk on but we choose to walk a different path because we feel our path is better. I have seen it so many times and I feel like that’s why God wants me to shine a light on it today.
The people saw that God gave them water in the desert, but they needed food as well. They decided to give God a test, or an exam. “Can he prepare a table?”, verse 19, means “can he put food on our table?”. They did not think that He could! It does not mean that they did not believe that there was a God. They did not believe that He would give them help. In other words, they did not trust Him unconditionally. You might be going through a rough season in your life and you are asking God all sorts of questions just like the Israelites did. You know what He has done for you in the past but you still choose to be rebellious.

I’ll share a little bit of my story to help you relate with this verse. Before I met Peter I was already in a long distance relationship for almost four years because I thought that guy was the one. I lingered it that long because I didn’t want to hear what God was telling me. Long story short, he disappointed me by not showing up for my birthday which was not only a special day but it meant a lot for him to be there to support me and he didn’t show up, so that definitely did it for me. I was so heartbroken but I knew it was all God. All I heard God say to me was “Let Go and Let God be God.” Shortly after, I met Peter and I didn’t fully understand it was all in God’s plan. Before I said yes to dating my now husband, I hesitated so much because I couldn’t believe God would bring such a perfect guy to me after I tried to be rebellious. I was still trying to hold on to my past until I heard God clearly tell me for the second time to Let Go and Let God be God. Today, not only am I married to my best friend but to the one God has chosen for me to spend the rest of my life with.


I encourage you to trust God no matter when the road seems dark. If He has healed all your sickness and diseases, made you financially stable, given you a promotion, brought that husband or wife you’ve been waiting for, given you that child you’ve been waiting for, gotten you that dream job, answered that prayer you’ve been praying about, and many more; If He has done all that for you in the past, don’t you think He’ll do it again?  If He caused a stream to come out of the rock and made water flow like a river, He can do above and beyond your imaginations. Stop trying so hard because whatever you’re doing isn’t working. Pray and hand it over to God and watch what He’s going to do. I encourage you today to stop rebelling against God but let go and let God be God over all your dreams and purposes in this life. Stay blessed and be inspired.


Love in the Air


Hello!!! It’s Valentine’s Day people. Can we talk about the gorgeous flower my hubby got me? Oops! sorry, I’m not here to talk about me today but to all my single ladies out there feeling left out. This is one of the days in a year that people feel extra special from their loved ones. Whether you’re married, single, divorced, or widowed you should feel loved today. Oh, I’m sure you’ve heard that several times already but I want you to hear it again from me. God loves you even more than any man or woman out there. First and foremost, you must love yourself before letting anyone love you. 

May I share a little bit of my Valentine’s Day adventure before I got married? So I had this routine that every year on Valentine’s Day, regardless if someone asked me out or not, I would take my beautiful self out to a nice restaurant all dressed up, ready to have a good time. Guess what! I sure did and I had a blast and nothing stopped me from doing this. 


Today, I encourage all the single women out there that you should embrace who you are whether someone asked you to be their valentines or not. Take YOU out and enjoy this day. Do something extra special for yourself whether it’s getting a manicure and pedicure, going for that hot stone massage, or having gals night out. Whatever it is, enjoy it and don’t let anyone have a pity party for you because you’re worth a million bucks. 

God wants the best for you and trust Him to provide that handsome man at the right time. It might be this year or next year, who knows but until then ladies, enjoy yourself on this day and have a blast loving YOU!!

Sunday Vibes




It all started off with a spontaneous afternoon as a family getting ready to go to a car show in Baltimore, Maryland at the convention center. This is probably my third one so far and I plan to go to more in the future. It’s a hobby that my husband and I enjoy, more so him especially because he’s into cars. Along our wonderful ride to the city was accompanied by Mr Chiqui and Mrs Tammy whom we address as our poppa and momma. These two lovebirds mean a lot to us and are also in love with cars so we all took a ride to see the car show. Once we got there, the show began. Hubby took the baby with him and Mr Chiqui to go look at the cars; I went with Mrs Tammy towards the opposite direction. These cars are so beautiful that I’m just going to let you see it for yourself.slide43slide39slide38slide37slide36slide45slide40slide46

I’m sure you’re asking why I’m telling you all these about cars especially if you’re not a fan of car shows. Well, as a Christian I’ve learned to not be rigid in my walk with Christ. I like to have fun and do spontaneous things like this with my hubby. In Proverbs 15:15 “The life of the poor is a constant struggle, but happy people always enjoy life.” Christianity is not about sitting in a closed door reading your bible and being in a hiding place so no one can see you. I believe God wants us to have fun and enjoy life while being the light of the world. In the midst of being adventurous, you might find someone to minister to and we always look forward to moments when we can share Christ with unbelievers.

As you read this, try to go out there and do something you enjoy. Life is too short to live it worrying about tomorrow when God intends for us to prosper and be of good health even as our soul prospers. I hope you remain blessed. Until then, stay inspired and be encouraged.


Hello Saturday


Did I hear somebody say winter? I don’t know about you but here in Maryland, the outside temperature is 57°F which is why I made fun out of this day. It was a day filled with lots of food and laughter with amazing friends just like in the picture below.


It was filled with lots of toys to keep the kids busy and they all loved it. Some kids were running around and others laid on the sofa chilling. Mine would be one of them especially she’s at a stage where she’s learning to crawl but I’ll give her some time next month before she takes off. One of the things I enjoyed most about this day other than fellowshipping with great friends is that we took some pictures of the kids that they would appreciate in the future. These four besties below obviously have no idea they’re best friends but someday , they will :). Their moms and I have been wanting to have them together in one place and what a day to have them but this day! . It’s not the perfect picture but you get the memo.


I couldn’t resist taking a picture  of this awesome decor so enjoy looking at it.




How is your Saturday going so far? Hope you are doing something that gives you joy in your heart. I encourage you to make the best out of today doing something worth reminiscing because as for me, I will definitely remember this day. Stay blessed until next time.


Eat Well & DON’T break the bank!

Cooking is good!!! A simple meal like pasta with meat sauce can cost us $15 maximum in what we used to cook and can eat more than once whereas going to the restaurant to eat the same thing will cost the two of us a total of about $40 and $50 or more once we add tips. You might be thinking that this isn’t a lot but it does add up when you think about it. Don’t get me wrong, we do go out to eat and have a good time but, as one of our New Year commitment, we want to make good financial decisions that will allow us to save more and spend less instead of save less and spend more.



This year is a time that we need to look back and ask ourselves “What am I doing to save more?” Now, your situation might not be in regards to food but it could be in clothes, shoes, purses, makeup…you fill in the gap. I can’t speak for anybody out there but, if my husband and I have a goal to help another family who are suffering or have been evicted from their house, pay their rent or help them to get back on their feet, I would definitely go this route and save. Trust me it’s not easy but through discipline, you can accomplish this goal. Each day, each week, ask yourself a financial question “Am I growing in my finances or am I declining in my finances?” I don’t know about you or where you are in your finances but I encourage you to take a further step to save more than spend more. Find someone you feel in your heart who is really struggling and do something to help him or her. Whether it’s buying an extra diaper, wipes, taking them to get their hair or nails done, just do it as the Spirit leads you.

One of the things that I enjoy about cooking is that I get creative in the kitchen trying to put the spices and ingredients together using what we have. I also enjoy seeing my husband eat my food when he comes home and I love preparing dinner like the picture in this blog. He really loves good home cooked meals. You need to love who you are and what you do. I love being a mom, a wife, a blogger, a YouTuber, a Tyra Beautytainer…all that jazz! It’s fun for me and you need to do something fun for yourself while you eat well and DON’T BREAK THE BANK!!!


God’s Poem for your life

Recently, I was reading my devotional plan and it was about God becoming the masterpiece of your life. All of a sudden, the Holy Spirit dropped this in my heart to write about His written poem for our life. Thank you Holy Spirit. When I think about the poem God has written concerning my life, I have this huge smile on my face because I know it’s bigger than my eyes could even picture it. 

In Ephesians 2:10 “God has made us what we are, and in our union with Christ Jesus he has created us for a life of good deeds, which he has already prepared for us to do. As a Christian, sometimes I try to map out my life and it ends up not being the way I imagined it because God is the master planner. I believe that part of God’s masterpiece is for us not to do just average things or meaningless things, but to make a difference in this world. The world right now needs us, Christians to be the light and not flirt with darkness. In God’s eyes, you matter so much to him. You are significant.”


When things are not going the way you planned it to go. When life hits you like a rock in the head and everything seem to fall apart. Always circle back to the purpose God has for you in this world and He loves you unconditionally. When your faith is grounded in God and you trust Him with everything you have, you become part of a bigger picture. You begin to live out his amazing poem written for your life. 

Are you seeing signs already in your life that tells you you’re living out the poem God has written for your life? 


Five Steps to getting back into Shape After Baby


When a lot of people look at me, they see me as being in shape, which I don’t understand sometimes. I take it as a compliment especially after having a baby four months ago, even my husband feels I’m back to my pre-baby weight. I must give thanks to the beautiful gene my mother has because, after having five kids herself, she does not look it at all.

Recently, I started talking to myself on how I need to get back in shape to tone my body especially when I’m not used to seeing myself this way and I know it’s time for a change. As I’m starting to write today’s blog, I have so many questions that people frequently asked me four months ago. Questions like: When are you going back to the gym? How soon can you start doing crunches? When are you having another baby? How long are you going to wait to give Keziah a sibling? Looking back I would be so upset saying things like “seriously, can I get a break?”

I remember clearly my experienced friends whom were already mothers telling me that, no matter how quick, long, or surgical, the body undergoes a huge transformation to expel a baby.  Birth is a transforming event. This tells me that it would take time for my body to get back in shape but that’s not an excuse to not try at all. I’m a firm believer that, if you are not happy with your body, then stop complaining or comparing yourself to someone else and do something about it. Now, let’s get right into it.


#1. First and foremost, before you begin any postpartum physical activity, get your doctor’s permission. They usually say wait until after six weeks for normal childbirth and longer for those that had a c-section. However, it’s best to check with your doctor first. As for me, I am ready to get started. It’s been too long.

#2. Take your time by taking small walks in the neighborhood: I live in a quiet place that is friendly for families with kids to take walks. Kizzy and I love taking morning and evening walks when the weather is nice. I have to understand that my body will not change overnight so it requires some time.

#3. Set a realistic goal and work towards achieving that goal. My hubby and I have set goals for ourselves when it comes to getting in shape and we both have a reward for each other if we meet that goal. This helps me stay motivated because, when I’m sleeping in and I think of that goal, I get up and start exercising. Find a friend or a loved one that will hold you accountable when setting this goal.

#4. Be consistent: I can talk a lot on this because everything I’m doing this year is all about consistency. My blog, YouTube, Tyra Beauty, and many more to come are all about consistency. I literally can’t sleep because my heart is filled with joy knowing that I’m on the path to achieving my goal. I can’t achieve my goal If I’m not consistent. Sometimes when I lay down knowing I have a blog due the next day and I haven’t written anything, I immediately get up because I want to make sure I keep my words by being consistent. To achieve that Victoria Secret body you’re looking for, you definitely have to put in the work and stick with it.

#5. Last, check out YouTube videos for getting back in shape: I recommend this tip for mothers who don’t have the time to go to the gym and having a personal trainer come to you may be pricey. I recently started doing this workout and trust me it’s no joke! Check out Rebecca Louise on https://youtu.be/CxNHOtE1jEE Hope you enjoy it because I’m loving it so far.

Hope these tips will help you mentally, physically, and emotionally achieve your dream body. Stay tuned until my next blog. Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me what exercise or video you are doing to get back in shape. #adakuinspires

Preview YouTube video Victoria Secret Abs | Rebecca Louise

Victoria Secret Abs | Rebecca Louise