Hello Saturday


Did I hear somebody say winter? I don’t know about you but here in Maryland, the outside temperature is 57°F which is why I made fun out of this day. It was a day filled with lots of food and laughter with amazing friends just like in the picture below.


It was filled with lots of toys to keep the kids busy and they all loved it. Some kids were running around and others laid on the sofa chilling. Mine would be one of them especially she’s at a stage where she’s learning to crawl but I’ll give her some time next month before she takes off. One of the things I enjoyed most about this day other than fellowshipping with great friends is that we took some pictures of the kids that they would appreciate in the future. These four besties below obviously have no idea they’re best friends but someday , they will :). Their moms and I have been wanting to have them together in one place and what a day to have them but this day! . It’s not the perfect picture but you get the memo.


I couldn’t resist taking a picture  of this awesome decor so enjoy looking at it.




How is your Saturday going so far? Hope you are doing something that gives you joy in your heart. I encourage you to make the best out of today doing something worth reminiscing because as for me, I will definitely remember this day. Stay blessed until next time.


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