Sunday Vibes




It all started off with a spontaneous afternoon as a family getting ready to go to a car show in Baltimore, Maryland at the convention center. This is probably my third one so far and I plan to go to more in the future. It’s a hobby that my husband and I enjoy, more so him especially because he’s into cars. Along our wonderful ride to the city was accompanied by Mr Chiqui and Mrs Tammy whom we address as our poppa and momma. These two lovebirds mean a lot to us and are also in love with cars so we all took a ride to see the car show. Once we got there, the show began. Hubby took the baby with him and Mr Chiqui to go look at the cars; I went with Mrs Tammy towards the opposite direction. These cars are so beautiful that I’m just going to let you see it for yourself.slide43slide39slide38slide37slide36slide45slide40slide46

I’m sure you’re asking why I’m telling you all these about cars especially if you’re not a fan of car shows. Well, as a Christian I’ve learned to not be rigid in my walk with Christ. I like to have fun and do spontaneous things like this with my hubby. In Proverbs 15:15 “The life of the poor is a constant struggle, but happy people always enjoy life.” Christianity is not about sitting in a closed door reading your bible and being in a hiding place so no one can see you. I believe God wants us to have fun and enjoy life while being the light of the world. In the midst of being adventurous, you might find someone to minister to and we always look forward to moments when we can share Christ with unbelievers.

As you read this, try to go out there and do something you enjoy. Life is too short to live it worrying about tomorrow when God intends for us to prosper and be of good health even as our soul prospers. I hope you remain blessed. Until then, stay inspired and be encouraged.


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