Love in the Air


Hello!!! It’s Valentine’s Day people. Can we talk about the gorgeous flower my hubby got me? Oops! sorry, I’m not here to talk about me today but to all my single ladies out there feeling left out. This is one of the days in a year that people feel extra special from their loved ones. Whether you’re married, single, divorced, or widowed you should feel loved today. Oh, I’m sure you’ve heard that several times already but I want you to hear it again from me. God loves you even more than any man or woman out there. First and foremost, you must love yourself before letting anyone love you. 

May I share a little bit of my Valentine’s Day adventure before I got married? So I had this routine that every year on Valentine’s Day, regardless if someone asked me out or not, I would take my beautiful self out to a nice restaurant all dressed up, ready to have a good time. Guess what! I sure did and I had a blast and nothing stopped me from doing this. 


Today, I encourage all the single women out there that you should embrace who you are whether someone asked you to be their valentines or not. Take YOU out and enjoy this day. Do something extra special for yourself whether it’s getting a manicure and pedicure, going for that hot stone massage, or having gals night out. Whatever it is, enjoy it and don’t let anyone have a pity party for you because you’re worth a million bucks. 

God wants the best for you and trust Him to provide that handsome man at the right time. It might be this year or next year, who knows but until then ladies, enjoy yourself on this day and have a blast loving YOU!!

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