I Am Fearless – Boarding School Series

Choosing a fearless mindset requires an awareness and courage. It’s being willing to look from a new angle and do whatever it takes to go from fear into courage. In this blog I will do my best to take you on a journey with me of when I lived in boarding school. Let me take you a few steps back.Slide59

The pictures used in this blog was taken from a reflection walk I had before writing, so come with me. I was born in Nigeria and I left with my whole family to the United States when I was fifteen. I am now twenty-eight and I feel like I have two stories to share. Stories of when I lived in Nigeria and stories while I’m living here. I am happily married with a beautiful daughter and now the story continues. Such is my life.

In Nigeria, a lot of parents put their kids in boarding school so they learn to be independent and hopefully grow up knowing what they want in life;at least I will speak for myself. Boarding school is also meant to be far away from your family so they’re not coming to see you constantly. Imagine it being a boot camp. Boarding school is six years and when you are done, you graduate and go to college. You start in JSS 1 through SS6 which, in American terms, is seventh grade through twelve grade. So imagine being in a boot camp from seventh grade until twelve grade without spending lots of time with your family and friends. The only family and friends you will develop are the ones you see everyday in the boarding school. They had visitation days which usually fell on Sundays but very rarely would you see that happen.

During visitation days, my whole family will come with home cooked meals enough for me to take back to the dorms and I ate that food with no mercy. They were always prepared for this visit. I won’t forget the things my mom usually packed in her visitation bag. Things like mangoes, banana, pear, corn, rice, beans, soup, chicken, tomato stew, cookies, toiletries if I ran out, and many things I needed that would last me until I come home again. I wanted this day to last long but the reality was that I would be with my family for just a couple of hours. I’m very emotional so this means, each time they come and go, I stand by the gate, waving goodbye with tears rolling down my cheeks…and for the whole evening I felt so sad until I was able to get tough again to start my daily routine. This was very serious I must say…


To be continued, but until next time, “Learn to live fearlessly.”  #adakuinspires

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