I Am Fearless – Boarding School Series Part II

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My daily routine requires waking up as early as 5am to start my day. Uniform must be ironed, shoe polished, I mean everything has to be on point. There’s a daily inspection to make sure hair, nails, everything else are cut down in a neatly manner to avoid distractions. Once I’m set and ready, I make sure the senior (an upperclass person who’s above me) is taken care of. By taking care of her, I mean her water for her bath is provided, her uniform ironed by me, shoes polished, bed made, and trash taken out. This is very serious because if none of that is done, I’m in a big pot of soup!

I was bullied and scared for my life to the point that, if one day I don’t iron her clothes or polish her shoes, that would be a very bad day for me. Anyway, let’s just say I did everything until one day the whole school had scarcity of water and we had no idea how we were going to bathe. I told my senior that there’s no water in the whole school and everyone is feeling the same way but she insisted that I shouldn’t sleep in the dorm if I don’t fetch her water. I cried and cried until a friend of mine told me I have to walk 5 miles away from school to fetch water if I’m serious. I carried two buckets, one on my head and one with my hand. It wasn’t easy but I pushed through. The sad part about all these is that, as I was coming back with the water, other seniors were taking scoops of water from mine and by the time I got to my dorm, the water I got for my senior was like half way through…she’s a big girl too!

When I got to the dorm, my conversation went like this:

Senior: “Who’s water is that?”

Me: “Yours, I walked five miles to fetch this water”

Senior: ” This water won’t be enough to wash my toes talk less of my entire body so go out there and fill up that bucket!”

I was so upset that I had an attitude walking out so she called me back and punished me for several hours that I can’t even document it on this blog. I squatted with my arms stretched out and all this happened while I was under the sun for a long period of time.

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Can you imagine moving forward after all these terrible experiences? I know all these stories might sound a lot but hang in there because it gets better in my next blog.

To be continued

Learn to live fearlessly.  #adakuinspires

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