I Am Fearless – Boarding School Series Part III

…My senior went to her classes while leaving me squatting with my arms stretched out.  I was in this position until evening time. Oh by the way, did I mention that this bully was the daughter to one of the Governors in Nigeria! Talk about abuse of power! I also had to clean and iron her clothes. There was a time I cleaned her clothes but didn’t iron it and, on the day of one of my finals, she kept me from going to the finals and took my clothes and soaked them in water! I had to borrow a friend of mine’s clothes to just barely make it in time for my exam!

Despite all she did, I still served this tyrant till she graduated. That was a grim taste of some of the things that I went through with the upper class people while I was in boarding school. Though very rough, boarding school taught you how to be organized, clean, and plan. Mommy and daddy weren’t there to rescue me while in boarding school. I had to be organized and time conscious. This experience taught me a lot.

After 4 years of serving an upperclass students, I now had the opportunity to be served by one of the the students who were now below me. Ah, the freedom I felt but I never wanted to treat anyone the way I was treated. Yet, when my time of power came, my father switched the game plan and notified the entire family that we would be moving to the United States. While I was happy about this, I REALLY wanted to stay one more year in boarding school so I could enjoy the liberty of having a student serve me closely, but I didn’t get this opportunity!

Going through all those horrible experiences has taught me many lessons in this life and that’s why I stand strong as a fearless woman. My Father took me out of the school and I couldn’t finish but the good news is that I graduated with honors here in the United States, both High School and College. I am forever grateful to God for His mercy and grace. When I look back and remember all the punishments I went through that were countless, you will be alarmed, but that’s not the purpose of this blog. I thought of sharing something that was so deep in my heart. Something that I went through for a while and kept it deep down without letting it out and I think it’s time for people to rise up.

Live your dreams without any setback. You are more than a conqueror. You’re the head and not the tail. Begin to declare these things moving forward and watch how your mindset will begin to change. People can never break you, but they make you. I chose a life of freedom. I chose to finish my education and pursue becoming a strong willed entrepreneur by working on my business. I chose to live out the dream that my Heavenly Father has prepared for me. I am not going to sit around and allow someone who is ignorant of what’s their purpose in this world, determine my future. I had to fight the good fight. I have always believed that the choices you make determines your destiny and, in order to make a positive impact, I’m turning my story around to be positive instead of negative. I guard my heart so jealously because of all the things I’ve been through. I would hate for my daughter to go through the same thing I went through.

FullSizeRender (28)

Sometimes God allows you to go through a test so that it becomes a testimony to somebody else. Hope my story will be an eye opener for all those whom have gone through cyber bullying or whatever bullying you’ve been through in your life. Be a voice and not an echo. Rise up and begin to speak because there’s power in your testimony. That’s how God gets His victory. What test have you gone through? Have you shared it lately?  Leave a comment and share some of your tests that became testimonies. Stay blessed and stay beautiful. #adakuinspires

7 thoughts on “I Am Fearless – Boarding School Series Part III

  1. That is a very important testimony. Power and Pride will be the cause of a fall. Many people are in positions of authority but truly have no clue on how to be a leader. We all have the duty to serve some one; in our jobs, families etc but most importantly in the most of all that we have to never forget the one we serve. The pride of the one or ones that we serve is what makes it so difficult to serve. I believe that SAS long as people know their worth, they will never be victim to the hurt from the people and things that we serve…

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  2. I have been through lots of test and tribulations in my life. To feeling like I wasn’t good enough to now feeling like I am more than enough. Was a single mom, with two children to now having 5 and matried. I use to wonder why me… and then God said to me one day, ” Why not you?” I wondered why everything that I did had to be so difficult to complete and why I never had the support; unlike others… What I learned is that God wanted me to not put my faith in others but wanted me to put my faith in him. I can honestly say, when I started to live, breathe and be in God’s presence, that my life has truly changed.

    Thank you for saying Adaku… and giving me the opportunity to share.


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