Don’t Judge A Tree By Its Cover

Have you heard about this adage “Dont judge a book by its cover?” Well, I was driving by recently and literally pulled to the side to take a picture of this tree. I just love how God speaks to me even when I’m driving and have no business pulling over especially to look at a tree. Anyway, do you see how shredded and ugly this tree looks on the outside? That’s the question The Holy Spirit asked me as I stared at it for quite sometime. Then He continued and said, “just because this tree looks ugly and rough on the outside doesn’t mean that’s how it looks on the inside.” Then He took me around to show me some smooth part of the tree which revealed the inside. I was amazed at the lesson I got just from looking at a tree! All I could do was say, “thank you Lord!”


You know just like God was revealing something deeper than a mere tree, I was thinking of who this message is for today. I believe God doesn’t just bring up a topic for me to flirt with but rather address it. Sometimes, when we see people that don’t fit in our little clique, we ignore them. A lot of people are hurt and have no one to talk to, and some people are sick with deadly diseases and we will never know unless we get closer. 

On a lighter note, I did my research on this tree and here are some helpful facts on this great creation. It’s a River birch tree and as an ornamental tree, it offers fall and winter color to parks, yards and street sides. Its leaves turn bright yellow in autumn; in the winter, its showy silver trunk adds beauty to the landscape. Its durable wood is easy to work with and is used to make a variety of items, including toys, artificial limbs and flatware. River birch also is valuable as a source of erosion control and is used to reclaim areas with high soil acid caused by mining. Wildlife, such as birds and rodents, eat its seeds, and deer eat its twigs and foliage. Ruby-throated hummingbirds drink its sap.


Wow! Who would’ve known that this tree has such great benefits and is highly resourceful! For all reading, don’t judge someone by their outward appearance but try to learn more about them! You might find something about them that you never knew or maybe something to pray for. I hope moving forward, you will not be the one to judge someone without getting to know them. 

Stay inspired beautiful people 

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