A Spontaneous Day with Kizzy


This past weekend was one of those days I wanted to take my sweet little girl out on a mommy daughter date to Barnes and Noble. We had such a lovely time reading, laughing, socializing with other kids, and smiling for the camera. This little boy saw her and they both started smiling and sometimes I wonder what babies say to each other that makes them smile. At this stage, if she’s not cranky because she’s wet or sleepy, she also likes to grab things and put in her mouth because she’s hungry. Just like how she wants to grab my straw and have my drink as well. Can you see how wide her mouth is open ready to drink? Trust me, she would sip all of it if I let her too.


I read some books to her because I believe in starting young to train up a child which is what my parents taught me so I’m trying to teach that to my daughter. We looked at some princess books of course and they all had so many colors which I love especially for little girls. I saw one book that caught my eye. It’s called “What To Expect The First Year” by Heidi Murkoff. As a first time mom, this book is very informative and just by glancing through, it gives you some practical tips on monthly growth and development, how to make your own baby food, so much more. I’m already excited to read more about it!





How was your weekend? Hope you took some time to enjoy the little things around. 


2 thoughts on “A Spontaneous Day with Kizzy

  1. Yess! Perfect. you both look great. My weekend was amazing because of Good seafood drinks and music, the crazy friends around made it less boring for me. I was at a 25th birthday party.

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