Thankful Thursday


Recently we started our Daniel Fast for twenty-one days at our church and this fast requires you to give up on meat, dairy and all the sweets you can think of. I look forward to this fast not only because it’s a time I get specific in my prayers with God, but it’s a time I detox my body. I mean you can’t beat that! During this fast, a lot of people have one common problem which is not knowing what to eat. I get asked this question “Adaku, what are foods that I can eat?” I basically tell them to become vegetarians for twenty-one days and they will be good and that answers the question. During this Fast, I become creative in the kitchen. I get excited with so many varieties of food that is actually good for your body. Anyone who knows me can tell that I love to eat and when I mean I love to eat, I love to eat good!
Below is a picture of a vegetarian burrito from Baja Fresh. I got this burrito because it comes with all the fresh ingredients and it tastes so good! I like adding mango sauces and hot sauce to go with it.



Needless to say, I am very thankful for a good meal after such a busy day I had today. What are you thankful for? What are you eating if you’re observing the fast? Leave your comment below and share your thoughts. Stay blessed and be inspired.

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