Who says if you’re a Christian you can’t be stylish? Some of you who know me know that I love fashion and hope one day I’ll be a personal stylist to anyone in need of my services. Anyway, it was a beautiful day in Maryland and I absolutely took advantage of this weather in the city. As a Christian, you get the stereotype of not having the best style for certain occasions but I’m here to tell you my friends that is SO WRONG. I want to encourage you to embrace the style that God has embedded in you and don’t try to be anybody else. Enjoy being you. We are all beautifully and wonderfully made. Our God is the master of designs so why should I hold back?
Below are some pictures I took and I paired them with my burgundy boots I got from JustFab. Ain’t they cute? Enjoy and hope to talk to you in my next one.





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Cheers, beautiful people!


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