A Shower To Remember


Wait a minute. Can we talk about this decor. My faithful friend who happened to be a bridesmaid to her college friend decorated this entire venue for a bridal shower. This picture simply exemplifies what I call Elegance. I could not resist drooling over how detailed the decor was. This bridal shower was supposed to be outside, only to find out that the whole day was going to be a rainy day. The chivalry chairs, rose petals, candlelight, and all the center pieces made this whole event picturesque.

Fortunately, they put up a tent over this beautiful setup to protect the decor as well as create a more intimate environment for the event. People also took lots of pictures. I truly enjoyed myself and I ran into a lot of my college friends who brought back old time memories that made us laugh out loud. Enjoy the rest of the pictures.



Stay blessed and be inspired beautiful people.

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