A visit to a Disney Store

This day was one of those days that I would look back and have a big smile on my face. Sometimes I have to remind myself “Adaku, you’re a mom and one day this little one will call you mommy”. I cherish every moment spent with this happy, beautiful, blessed daughter we get to call our own. So yesterday, I did one of the things that gives me joy deep down my heart which is helping a friend who is in need of my help. We had a full day filled with love and laughter. We ended our day by taking our kids to a Disney store and they loved every moment. Kizzy played with a Mickey Mouse toy and many more.

It’s funny because she’s becoming vocal as well as showing her character. Whenever I tried to take the toy from her, she would cry because she was having fun playing with it. What is it about kids and toys that makes them smile so hard when they see one? Look at these two below looking so happy because they got a toy in their hands.


I don’t know about you but hearing a baby cry in public just because she’s frustrated, is not cool. I would rather solve the problem by attending to her needs because I prefer a baby who’s smiling and happy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying when I go to a store my daughter doesn’t cry but if I know I can meet her needs right there, then we both are good. I’m sure all the mothers out there can relate with me on this one.

If you’re one of my readers and you don’t relate maybe because you don’t have a child of your own, I’m praying that God will bless you and give you the fruit of the womb. You will one day get to smile and be happy holding your own child. Don’t give up but always stay focused on God because, in due season, you will reap your harvest.

Here are some pictures you would enjoy and until then, stay blessed and be inspired.




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