Thankful Thursday


Drove to Delaware to see this amazing woman right here. She means a lot to my family and that’s why she got our full support in anything that concerns her. Shall we start with Summer of 2016 when she took her precious time while her friends were hanging out and having a good time and decided to spend a couple of weeks painting Kizzy’s room. She did a Lion King mural on Kizzy’s wall. Do you see how talented she is?

Fast forward to when Kizzy was born, she came down and spent some days with us and we had such a blast. Part of the fun was taking a beautiful picture of Kizzy which we use so often because it was that good.

IMG_9711 Did I mention she’s an amazing photographer, so if you’re looking to have your picture taken, leave your comment below and I’ll make sure you have her contact information.

There are so many countless memories we’ve had with this beautiful soul right here and that’s why I’m dedicating my Thankful Thursday to you, Bethany. Thank you for all that you do and the time you take to help people out when they need it. Your endeavors are not forgotten and we want to say congratulations again on your graduation. The pictures below are some of the photographs Bethany worked on while in college and that book was dedicated to her mum-mum. This is a little taste of the work she did so I hope you enjoy it.



We are so proud of you and we hope your light will continue to shine through the journey that God has placed for you. As you move forward, keep prayer as your number one priority and don’t ever loose focus. Stay beautiful inside and out. Continue to be inspired. #adakuinspires

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