Thankful Thursday


What a beautiful building that I’m very proud to call my church, Rock City Church. Today, I’m dedicating my blog to this church because it means a lot to me. Right in front of this building was where our wedding party took pictures and it came out gorgeous. This part of the building is the prayer room which is where I spend some of my quiet times like I mentioned in my previous blog. The church as a whole is a blessing to me because I met my handsome husband here. He popped the question “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” on the rooftop of this building. We got married here, had our lovely daughter, and dedicated her all in this amazing church.

Now, I’m sure there are people who would read this and disagree with everything that I’ve mentioned but you know what, I’m not here to entertain any negativity. I believe that no church is perfect and it’s only God that sends you to the right church. I hope and pray that the church you attend brings you joy, peace, and happiness. I mean every word that I’m saying and nobody is paying me to speak the truth concerning what Rock City Church has done for me so here is my platform to express my gratitude.

I am blessed to call the people that I’m close with, family and most of my true friends come from this church as well. I thank God for the future of RCC and I don’t see myself any other place. Needless to say, I am thankful to call Rock City Church my home church and I’m proud to be going here. Are you proud to call your current church a home church? If so, what are you thankful for concerning that church? I would like to hear your thoughts in the comment below. Have a blessed day everyone and always keep your eyes focused on being inspired.

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