Real vs Fake, which one are you?


This topic is something I personally feel that people stay away from all in the name of being politically correct. Well, let me help you shine some truth to this topic especially on a special holiday like Memorial Day. I believe real people gave up their lives for this country in battle. Real people honor and respect this beautiful country and the flag for all that it stands for. They fight for each other in battle and never lose sight of one another. Have you ever asked yourself if you represent one of those examples of those soldiers who fought so hard for this country?

Now, I might be using the soldiers as an example but let me bring this home. I’m tired of seeing people who call each other friends but aren’t there for them. They talk behind each other’s back and come in front of you pretending to be your so called “friend.” I call this act being phony and I truly dislike it. If you say you are a friend to someone, be real with them and stop being fake. When they’re in need of something, be there for them whether good or bad. Don’t run away when a problem arises, but take initiative to address the issue. Pray with your friends, encourage them to never give up, counsel them when they need to be counseled, rebuke them when they’re wrong and don’t try to sugarcoat their wrongs, laugh a lot, and make many memories together. You don’t always have to be on the phone 24/7 to be considered a real friend.


I hope that as you spend the Memorial Day together with your loved ones, remember the true soldiers who fought for this nation and gave it their all. Are you giving your all to your friends? Are you being real with them by loving them, teaching, pouring truth and helping them grow in God? Or are you being a fake friend? Which one are you? Hope this inspires you to look deep down your heart and make things right. Until next time, HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY and stay inspired.


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