Thankful Thursday



I’m not only thankful for a new month with the new things that are happening already for me and a fresh start on things I had to let go, but I am forever thankful for my beautiful sister right here. She graduated this week with honors and I couldn’t be more proud of her. My family was there to support her and cheer her on as she walked across the stage. Goodness is such an intelligent girl. Not only did she win her class prom queenIMG_0280

but she also started a business while in school called “G Styles”. This business will be in full production next year summer and she is already planning for it now. I have had the opportunity to watch her walk down the runway several times and I couldn’t believe how good she is as a model.

I was extremely shocked when, in one of her shows, she was the fashion designer of twenty models who walked across the stage with all the outfits she made for them with their many different shapes and styles. Oh! did I mention she made her graduation outfit below?IMG_0536As a fashion stylist myself, I was so proud of this hardworking girl. She also graduated with honors all through high school and is going to college with a full scholarship. My parents are so proud of their children and especially for Goodness because she’s the last one to graduate from high school and will soon be off to college. Mom recently said “I can’t believe my baby has graduated and is going off to college”. Sorry mom, but your baby is now a lady who is getting ready to face the real world.

IMG_0722I couldn’t help myself but to dedicate my Thankful Thursday to a young lady who I am so proud of and who has inspired me to keep pushing forward; no room to give up. I love you Goodie and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. A big CONGRATULATIONS again!

Who in your family are you thankful and proud for graduating high school or college? Share below so that I can congratulate them as well. Stay blessed and be inspired.

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