Thankful Thursday

Let’s just say today’s Thankful Thursday is very dear to my heart. These two amazing women, whom I get the privilege to call moms, showered us with lots and lots of love this past weekend. Let’s start with Mommy Ikotun who had our eight month old daughter over for a weekend. In addition to that, some girls from her church demanded to have a sleepover if our daughter was present. This was heaven for our baby Kizzy because she loves being around people (hmm! I wonder where she gets that from?). Her first night wasn’t that easy for mom especially at night time but we encouraged her to keep baby girl for the rest of the weekend (hubby insisted that she stays there but, as a mom, I wanted her back home so I bit my tongue). Needless to say, she was better for the rest of the weekend while hubby and I got a lot done without any distractions from our baby. I’m sure some of you can relate to this.


Moving on to Mommy Nwanguma who happened to be off that weekend as well, and came and spent her Saturday with me. We had our mommy daughter date and it was AWESOME! I don’t get to do this all the time because my mom is in school and works full time so she’s very busy. Her times off are so precious to me and I value every moment. We went grocery shopping together and she bought a lot of stuff for us that blew my mind away and we were stuffing the fridge with lots of goodies. We cooked, ate, and just laughed sharing some stories together.


Later that evening we went to see our baby girl because she couldn’t have left without seeing her granddaughter. There’s nothing like having these two moms around. From taking our baby girl away over the weekend so that hubby and I can have quality time, to filling the fridge up with lots of groceries. I don’t know about you, but I was spoiled and it was an unforgettable weekend. As a mom, I get so excited when God sends help at the moment when you need it most and he sent me with the best. It’s rare for the both moms to be off at the same time but with God all things are possible. This is just one of the many things they’ve done for us and I’m forever grateful to have these beautiful women as my mommy.

Help me in thanking them. Hey! What’s your Thankful Thursday? Leave your comments below and share some aha moments that you’re thankful for. Be blessed and always stay thankful.


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