Tips to Maintaining A Healthy Relationship


In the beginning, everything seems beautiful and life’s a bliss. Before the responsibilities, arguments, and kids, you were thinking of ways to spend more quality time. As the year dwindles down, you’re contemplating ways to get away on your own. It’s a process that a lot of relationships go through and this process can also strengthen your bond: the more you overcome together, the stronger you become. Hubby and I have been doing these series since the beginning of June and it’s been a great turn out. The responses we’re getting is truly encouraging and it’s all under five minutes. Due to limited time, I decided to elaborate more on those tips we mentioned on a recent video we did. Hopefully these elaborated tips will reignite the spark and uphold your chemistry well after the first few years:

Remain best friends: This is probably my favorite tip because we are each other’s best friends. We finish each other’s sentences without even knowing and we see eye to eye in so many things. We have that connection that sometimes we don’t need to say a word but just by looking at each other, it says everything.
Always remain genuine: Don’t try to put on a facade. Be YOU. Be comfortable and confident in who God has made you to be. Your partner wants you to be comfortable with them. You don’t want to be someone today and the next day, you’re a different person; I’m not talking about hair or physical changes that are bound to happen, but more of personality changes. Don’t try to switch your personality like it’s not affecting your partner.
Have fun: I don’t know about you, but doing the same routine everyday and all the time can quickly kill the spark. Switch it up and break out of routine as often as you can. Create silly moments, travel with your partner, even if it’s a road trip from Baltimore to California (yes! We’re crazy like that and we did it! Best memory ever but we definitely won’t do it again). Try new restaurants and take up new hobbies even if it’s something out of your comfort zone. The whole idea is finding joy in the fact that you’re engaging in a different activity with your partner.
Never sleep upset at each other: When we got married, a lady from our church bought us two boxes of chocolate. At first we thought we were to indulge in them but she left a note saying that the chocolate were to be used ONLY when we have intense conversations. Then, we can make it up by having a chocolate. What a genius idea! We only used half of one box and after two years, we threw them away. We have formed the habit of not going to sleep upset at each other. My husband does not EVEN accept it at all so I’m blessed to have a man like that.
Communication: There’s a right way to communicate with your partner. Don’t try to bombard them with all your problems and issues as soon as they walk through the door especially after a long day at work. Ask them how their day went. Find out their plans and see how you can help in that plan. Bring up one subject, not thirty after they unwind. It’s important to listen to each other before responding. Make sure you are having a comfortable conversation because your partner is more likely to be receptive if you’re already engaged in a comfortable conversation.

I hope these tips really help you with your relationship. There are more we can share at a later date but, in the meantime, stay blessed and inspired.


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