Product Review

Today, I would like to take a moment to recognize a product I have been using for the past seven weeks now. My friend Donna introduced me to it and I’m very happy with the product. It’s called Lash Boost by Rodan + Fields. If you are asking by now “what is this product about,” well let me enlighten you.


Lash Boost is a nightly eyelash conditioning serum that pairs with any R+F Regimen to enhance the natural appearance of your lashes in just 4 weeks; for lashes that are fuller-looking, longer-looking, and darker-looking so that you can feel beautiful anytime, anywhere.

I have gotten compliments on my lashes because people thought it wasn’t real. Before going into this product, I was hesitant about it but I still wanted to give it a try. It doesn’t hurt to try something every now and then, right? Anyway, I’m glad I did. I am seeing an improvement and it’s been gradual, but worthwhile.


Consistency is key to seeing this product work. If you don’t apply it as your nightly routine, then you might not get the result you’re looking for. Call or message Donna if you’re interested in this product or even becoming part of her team. She’s amazing and I will leave all her information below. Have an amazing day and hope you keep looking fabulous! xoxo

Donna Snyder
Independent Consultant


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