Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday goes out to the stories below:

There was a day when she came up with the name of her company. She amazes me with everything she does and the crazy thing is that she’s only seventeen! She is an aspiring fashion designer and tailor who’s bringing you nothing but the latest eccentric and cultural attire. Goodness is her name and her clothing line is called “G-Styles.” Below is a sneak peak of some of her work and this is just a little snippet of what’s to come, so be on the lookout.


Get your styles and measurements ready because, once it’s up, she will be very busy and, trust me when I say, she’s very good at what she does. Below is her information:
Twitter: @_gstyles

Favour is my awesome sister as well. I call her my “Melanin Queen”.


She has her own company called “Favyn Collection” which is doing phenomenally well. She launched her company around this time last year and has sold extensions to so many clients around the world. She started Fayvn Collection to cater to people who didn’t have a lot of money to spend on hair. Favour offers affordable services for people that want to look and feel good without feeling like they’ve spent their entire paycheck on extensions. Not only does she supply and distribute hair extensions, she makes them herself.


Below is all the information you need to reach out to her:

These beautiful sisters of mine are very hardworking and I am extremely proud of their accomplishments. They are young entrepreneurs who are ambitious and know what they want. Please help me to thank them and make sure you show them some love by supporting their businesses.


Do you have a family member who is an entrepreneur? Leave your comments below and I’m planning on doing a business segments one of these months. Stay blessed and be inspired. #adakuinspires

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