How Do You Know They Are The One?

Here comes the finale of our relationship segments, just in case you missed it. The title to this blog came about through a question one of our friends asked us and we discussed about it: We felt the need to address it so here are some answers to the question, “How do you know they’re the one?”:

1. Have a connection: In order to know they’re the one, you have to have a connection with them. When we say connection we mean physical, emotional, and spiritual connection. All these are really important as you intend to be in a relationship with this person. Ladies, take care of yourself by getting your eyebrows, hair, manicure and pedicure done. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying go break the bank just to please this individual NO! However, keeping your physical body presentable is important. Now, you might be one that says “I don’t get my eyebrows or manicure and pedicure done because God created me that way” Guess what! God don’t like ugly (words from my husband) but that’s between you and your significant other and, if that works for you, that’s really what matters. Hopefully, if you don’t care about physical connection, you would certainly see the value in having an emotional and spiritual connection.

2. Prayer: This is top one for me because I believe when you ask God specifically to show you if this is the right person to be with, He will make it clear to you. I remember asking God to show me who Peter is and God responded and started telling me deep things I didn’t even know concerning my now husband. I was so overwhelmed that I bursted crying out loud and just thanked God for this revelation. It is very possible that you can ask God for “The One” and He will reveal it to you. Don’t move forward if you haven’t prayed.

3. Confirmation: Once you have prayed, be patient enough to hear your confirmation. Don’t let flesh and your own will take over the voice of God. God still speaks so wait until He gives you the direction to move forward or not. Sometimes we are too quick to say it’s from God when we know it’s not. I encourage you to trust God in making this life decision because it’s definitely WORTH THE WAIT.

For more, check out my YouTube channel to see the video I just recently did. Stay blessed and continue to be inspired.


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