Thankful Thursday

Yay! Another Thankful Thursday that I get to share my heart to you lovelies! 🙂 Here it goes:

Compassion Commission started this week and youth from out of town were placed in several host homes and we are one of those host homes. The fact that these young beautiful girls all came together to be placed in one environment is a great picture to see. My hubby and I are blessed to have four girls this year. One of the four is from New York and the other three are local Marylanders. These four girls are unique in their own way. They have different personalities but ONE THING for sure is that they all want to encounter God in a way they’ve never seen before.


Yesterday’s service was so powerful that nobody wanted to leave the sanctuary including these four girls. They got their breakthroughs yesterday and it’s not even the end of the event. One of them opened up to me yesterday by saying she’s never cried in a service before and yesterday’s service was the very first time she cried. I believe God is doing something and I can’t wait to see even more breakthroughs over whatever burden they’re carrying. God says in Matthew 11:28 ” Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

I believe that God wants to show up in the next generation and it starts within our homes. If we as Christians don’t do anything about it, the world will and, by that time, it’s too late. I thank God everyday for giving me an opportunity to impact the next generation which I’m so passionate about and I don’t plan to stop. Sometimes the enemy will present challenges that you feel are too big for you to handle and the best thing to do when those situations arise is to present it back to God and ask Him to take control. My heart is so full of joy right now and I am forever thankful to have these set of girls in Compassion Commission 2017.

What are you doing to impact the next generation? Leave your comments below and share your thoughts on some challenges you’ve even come across while trying to impact their lives. Stay positive. Be blessed. Be inspired. #adakuinspires

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