Thankful Thursday


Hey lovelies, I hope you are having an AWESOME day. Well, I want to share with you that today’s Thankful Thursday is about “opportunities.” Sometimes we get opportunities that are presented to us and we ignore it because it has nothing to do with our career or family life. Well, I am extremely excited and thankful for an opportunity that I was presented with and I took it. I’m sorry I can’t say much about it but you’ll hear more on it very very soon. Stay tuned and keep following me on this journey.

I would like to encourage you today and let you know that God presents opportunities in our lives everyday. They may be big or small but they make a huge impact in our lives. When opportunity knocks, don’t let fear hold you back. Open the door and embrace the opportunity that has come your way. My prayer for you is that God will open your eyes to see beyond your surroundings and that He will orchestrate your path to come across opportunities that will blow your mind. My opportunity came as I was casually talking to a friend and God used her to direct me into this HUGE dream which is about to come through and, up till now, I still can’t believe it. God is truly AWESOME. By the way, check out my latest post on YouTube. Click on the link below to hear about my upcoming updates that may interest you. You don’t want to miss following me for the next couple of weeks and months because it’s going to be exciting.

As you go about your day, pray for an open door of opportunity to flow your way. You never know that person you give a handshake to, smiled at, or prayed for may be the very person that is linked to your opportunity. Stay blessed and be inspired. #adakuinspires

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