Thankful Thursday


Happy Birthday to the most supportive, selfless, caring, hardworking man I know. Thank you so much babe 😍for all you do for Kizzy and I. Things like driving me to the nail shop and sitting down for hours waiting for me to get a mani and pedi done, taking out Kizzy’s twist out and making it look pretty even after a long day from work. The numerous date nights we have sitting in front of the tv at night, so excited to watch the movie you picked out and, all of a sudden, the movie begins to watch us. Oh, remember that movie we wanted to watch and it took us about three days to actually finish watch it and if I remember it’s called “The Ugly Truth” which ended up being a good movie; I could still hear your loud laughter in the room.

Oh! Should I mention about you picking out our clothes every Sunday morning, dolling us up and making people think I’m the one that does it 😜 You pick out the shoes, including the accessories to match with all of our outfits and I must say you do a pretty darn good job with all the coordination; others can testify to this I’m sure.

How can I forget recently during this week of Vacation Bible School what you did that blew my mind away. You had a crazy busy day at work that made you get off at a late hour. You met up with your brother at the gym and ended up coming back so exhausted and worn out. I felt for you so badly. Knowing how supportive of you towards anything that concerns me, you took the time to teach me a dance skit that I needed to learn for VBS. You made sure I learned it in order to teach the kids the next day. How thoughtful are you babe!

There’s no amount of “thank you’ that would supersede your kindness to not just me but to all that surrounds you. I can go on and on and on but I’ll stop here for now because my mouth is filled with joy and laughter for always having me as your number one. You are a man that speaks louder than just words. I’m a firm believer that actions speaks louder than words and you definitely meet that goal. Today, I’m raising a glass of sparkling cider in celebration of your special day. Cheers to forever being the man of your words. It’s going to be an adventure with you today and you have no idea so let’s go! #adakuinspires

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