A New Book Coming Soon…


Let me start by saying how excited I am to be called an author amongst thirty-five other amazing and inspirational authors ready to share their stories for global impact. God is definitely up to something. I took a leap of faith when our daughter was born by deciding to leave my job and refocus my career path. I knew that staying home full time was going to be a sacrifice on both of us. However, I also know it was a season for me to look deeply in my heart and ask myself an honest question which is “what are you passionate about?”

I began to brainstorm on a passion that I thought I would go for until it came down to being an inspirational and motivational speaker. I get excited when I’m being asked to speak to a group of youth and inspire them by sharing my story of how I came about doing what I’m doing today. That’s my passion.

I went to God and asked Him how I could pursue being an inspirational and motivational speaker and He was silent for some time until He eventually revealed it to me. He told me to start blogging and putting my contents on YouTube. These platforms are to be used to inspire and motivate viewers. I truly enjoy blogging and making videos on YouTube and I am so grateful for the platforms.



Writing my blogs has opened up a bigger opportunity that has become a dream come true. I still can’t believe that on August 8, 2017 this amazing book called “Courageous World Catalysts” will be coming out. A lot of you have shown your interest in having a copy but if you haven’t sent me your request, do so on my social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram). I wouldn’t want you to miss this opportunity of getting a copy. Thank you for all the support you have shown me. I appreciate you and pray for God’s continual blessings over your life. Stay inspired and be encouraged!




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