Thankful Thursday


Almost three years ago, this beautiful girl was my announcer. Everyone loved her and she put a smile on their faces as she ran down the aisle with a bell saying “the bride is coming, the bride is coming.” I mean who wouldn’t laugh at that…she is so cute! Anyway, this lovely girl’s name is Siara and she embraced us with her presence for some days this week. We had so much fun running errands together and talking with each other. She made me watch Disney channel with her, which I never do, but we had fun doing it. We also had fun going to the pool where she made new friends from the neighborhood.
She loves our daughter so much that I can’t explain. As a young lady, she has a huge heart of giving. Sometimes when she goes to the store, she comes out with one thing for our daughter. Things like a teddy bear, a cute dress, or even her own childhood accessories like the pictures below. Do you see how beautiful these items are?


The Bible says to “train up a child in the way that they should go…” and Siara’s parents are really doing a great job. Today’s Thankful Thursday goes to this beautiful young lady who’s a great blessing to us and is also marked for greatness to accomplish amazing things. What are you doing to make a mark in the life of the next generation? Feel free to comment below



2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I am so thankful that she got to spend time with you all. I remember back 4 years ago when we first meet and she already liked you. She is always talking about your shoes and think that is where she get her love for shoes from for sure. She absolutely love Kizzy like nothing I have ever seen. The Snyder family loves the Ikotun family.

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