Who’s Driving?

IMG_1121.JPGLooking at this picture, you probably see the makeup, the dress, or the hat and so on. Well that’s all nice but I’m looking at this picture with a different perspective. As I was walking along the street, I felt like I got it all together and, before I could move my eyes, I almost fell and so, in panic, I quickly held onto the rail.

Funny story right? This is how most of us are with our walk with God. We come to God and we ask for Him to help us get through a situation and He does it. All of a sudden, we forget so easily what He did and we feel like we can go on with our lives without His help. I am here to encourage you to allow God to take over your situation. Sometimes when you’re going through this journey with God, you feel like you got it all figured out but be careful lest you fall. Allow God to be the driver. Step out of the way and let Him lead you to your destiny. You have done it your way and it’s not working so I encourage you to turn around and let God change you completely.

I have said it so many times how God is taking me through an amazing journey. I have also learned that, in the midst of my journey or circumstances, I am allowing God to lead me. So I ask you the question today, who’s driving in your life? I am choosing to let go and Let God Be God. I humble and lower myself so that I can lift His name up high. Stay encouraged and be Inspired.


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