Thankful Thursday

At 9:30pm I was on my way upstairs to putting Kizzy in bed until I heard the door bell ring. Quickly, I went back downstairs and was in dismay as to who will be pressing the bell at this time of the night. Lo and behold, it was no other than Timothee and Esther!!! What a surprise right!? I screamed at the top of my lungs because it was an unexpected visit and I was so excited to see them both. Hubby walked in after a long day at work and was quite surprised as well. As a result, Kizzy just stayed up and didn’t want to go back to sleep. I mean think about it, who wants to go to sleep when the house is filled with family members coming from out of country and out of state?


For some who don’t know, my beautiful sister Esther is Peter’s twin. She was sent to live in Misawa, Japan through her job.
She’s been there for a year and half and has another year and half to be in Misawa.

Timothee is also my brother who is in the United States Army. He lives in Colorado and we barely have time to see each other, but we talk very often. I can’t spill all the details but he has something great and exciting coming very soon and our families are very proud of him. Tim is here for a short visit but Esther is here until Kizzy’s one year party. Yes, we are having a party for Kizzy and I am excited to have all my family from both sides show up. I can’t contain my happiness because we support each other, no matter how the distance may look. Esther flying all the way from Japan to USA means the world to Peter and I, and more especially her niece, Kizzy.



Esther and Timothee, I want you to know that Peter, myself and Kizzy are thankful to have you both around and we truly love and appreciate your support. It will definitely be a memorable party and I just can’t wait to dig in with planning everything. Woohoo!! Who’s ready to have some fun? #adakuinspires

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