Thankful Thursday

It’s time to celebrate!!! Happy Happy Birthday to these beautiful women whose birthdays happen to be in September. As you all know, we celebrated our daughter’s birthday this month, but these amazing women were also born on this special month and I couldn’t have been happier. Each and everyone one of them have a special place in my heart and I am happy to write about them on their special month. Let’s start with Olivine as she goes by Angella whose birthday was on the 2nd and she turned the BIG 50!! Yes, I mean look at her because she doesn’t even look it. She’s a successful business woman who’s always thriving to do better and I’m extremely proud of her. Happy Birthday again lady.




Secondly, Goodness, who is my youngest sister, celebrated her birthday yesterday and it was a big birthday for her as well. She turned 18 and I am extremely proud of how this beautiful woman of God is growing up. She is so mature for her age that sometimes people can’t believe she’s eighteen. She’s doing very well in college as well as combining business with school. Wow! Happy Birthday Goodie. I love you so much Sis.


Also, Brittany’s birthday is today. Brittany is a close friend of mine whom I also refer to as my sister. We go way back…like really way back. She was my maid of honor at our wedding and she’s been there for me through good and bad times in my life. Let’s just say she’s family. She lives an hour away, but I don’t remember her missing any important event or celebrations in my life. She’s that good trust me and I am forever grateful to have her in my life. Happy Birthday again Sissy.


Joeann’s birthday is today as well. If you don’t know anything about this lady, she is a prayer warrior. She calls me randomly and starts encouraging me at the times when I need it most. She sends me prayers on my phone and it’s exactly what God is telling me which is very encouraging because it’s a confirmation and I love that she’s always seeking the face of God. I know today is definitely special for Joeann because she is one special lady that God is using to lift His people up in times of trials and tribulations, and this woman has certainly had trials and tribulations but, trust me, you would never know because she doesn’t complain. Thank you Joeann for confiding in me and I cherish our friendship. Happy Birthday lady and know that God loves you even more.


Sometimes I refer to my closest friends as sisters because they mean more than a friend to me. I am so happy celebrating their birthdays with them and I thank God for being a part of their lives. I couldn’t find a lot of throwbacks with all of them but hope you enjoy celebrating with the ones I have so far. Talk about some throwback pictures!!!

Please make them feel special by wishing them a happy birthday on their social media.

Facebook: Angella Chaps, Brittany Cobb, Joeann Crowder

Instagram: Goodness- @ggoodiee and Angella – @cedia10

Thank you and hope you all stay blessed today. #adakuinspires

Thankful Thursday

This young lady that I am about to write on has inspired me so much in just a couple of days of watching her go through pain. This past weekend Favour (my sister) happened to be in a softball tournament with my hubby. This was a church event that we had and everyone came out to fellowship and have fun. It was really a good turnout. The food was great, the testimonies were amazing, and then it was the tournament.

Favour, being so competitive and athletic, played with her whole strength and a lot of people cheered for her. I heard some people tell me how they enjoyed watching her play this game. There were four teams that played. They played 2 games and whichever team that wins will then have to play each other for the championship. Well, Favour and her team won the first game. They took a lunch break before the championship game, which was what everybody was waiting for, and the team she was playing against have been undefeated for years and it was time to dethrone them (in the words of my husband lol). Anyway, here was when it all went down. Ten minutes into the game as Favour was on 1st base going for a run, she landed wrong on third base and her knee got displaced and she fell screaming in pain and agony. Somebody called 911 and immediately the fire department came first to see what they could do.


They gave her some pain medication through a catheter as we waited for an ambulance to come. She wouldn’t even let anyone touch her left knee because it was bent and her knee was dislocated. She was placed in the ambulance and I had to go with her because I’m family. We went to a nearby hospital where they looked at her knee through a CT scan and MRI. Thank God there were no broken bones, but she tore a ligament which is why she was in so much pain. They couldn’t do anything for her because they said she needed to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic specialist, but they prescribed some medications for her to take in the meantime.

The next morning, Favour was in extreme pain and felt her knee moving which was extremely hard to bear but here’s where it got better. A couple at my church who are very dear to my family came after service and massaged her knee. As the husband was massaging her knee, his wife prayed a fervent prayer for healing and it was powerful in the house. For hours they did this and Favour, for the first time got up to use the bathroom after they finished. She got up and told me the pain has subsided. Favour took a long nap and woke up to start doing things on her own that began to shock me. The next day we went to the orthopedic specialist and he told us that her knee got strengthened. I was like “When? Where?” That’s how shocked both of us were and we wanted him to explain to us what he meant by “her knee got strengthened.” He told us there’s nothing he can do as far as strengthening her knee because it’s back in place but, in a week’s time, she needs to come back to start her physical therapy.

Isn’t that Great News?!! My mom even came down to help us with our daughter while I focused on taking care of my sister. She cooked and made sure we were well fed. That’s why I’m cheesing so hard in the picture below.IMG_1824

Hubby was at work and couldn’t do anything about it, but was praying for good news from the hospital visit. Our living God who is The Balm of Gilead, Our healer, healed my sister. I am forever thankful to God and for those of you who prayed endlessly to see and hear positive results as she goes through this pain, Thank You Thank You Thank You. Your prayers got answered and they were not in vain. She is back in school now as she missed few days of classes.

IMG_1822She’s still with her crutches and her knee immobilizer as you can see from the picture above which we all know is not easy, but she’s a fighter. She doesn’t want any pity party, but rather wants to push strong so she can get her knee better. Continue to send your prayers for strength even though I know God has healed her. She needs strength to go through her classes and all that she’s involved in on campus.

By the way, her team worked so hard and they won the game!!! The took the trophy home and now Favour can say she was part of making history and breaking the record.

Thank you so much for coming with me through this journey. I appreciate each and everyone of you reading this. Never give up on anything you’re going through. Always remember that someone out there has it worse than you do.

Stay blessed and be encouraged today.

Thankful Thursday


This past weekend was Kizzy’s one year old birthday party and it went really great. This could not have happened without the help of some amazing people plus my parents. So today I am showing my gratitude to those people to let them know that I am grateful for their effort in making our daughter’s party a dream come true.


To the men that worked for ours to setup the tent for Kizzy’s party goes a huge thank you. Melvin, Christian and brother Josh, THANK YOU!!!

Julie, Kristin, Victoria, Tina, Bethany, Brianna, Esther and Tayo. I would like to say huge thank you for all the hard work you put in the preparations. One thing you might not understand was that I had a vision of what our daughter’s party decorations should look like but I needed help to make it happen and that’s where these ladies came in hand. They worked tirelessly through the night before helping me set up and put the decorations in place because we didn’t have time to do it on the day of the party. So all the decorations that you see in the pictures below were hand made by these awesome ladies I call my friends. Thank you again for your hard work and I pray that God will bless you and strengthen your body.


Tayo and Esther, thank you again for traveling very far away to come and support your niece’s party. You both did an amazing job the day before and the day of the party. They both ran errands while we were still at church, they helped to set up the decorations including the sweet table, picked up the Birthday cake and cupcakes. I couldn’t not have pulled all these off without your help so thank you again. Esther has now landed safely in Japan and Tayo is still here with us. Thank you so much and know that your labor will not be in vain.


Dad and mom, my heart is full of gratitude for all the effort you put out this past weekend. Not only did you allow us to do the party at your house, but you provided all the food for the guests. You even made sure my friends were well fed a day before when they came to set up, which I wasn’t expecting you to do but, out of your kindness, you did it. Dad, everyone talked about your delicious chicken and I saw how tirelessly you worked on that chicken to bring it to perfection. The rice, salad, fruit tray, and more were excellently planned and prepared. These two AMAZING people showed love to their kids and, in this case, they’ve extended that to their granddaughter so my heart will be forever grateful. May God continue to bless you and, as you continue to open your house to people, I pray you will never lack and you will continue to grow from glory to glory to glory.


Thank you to all who came out to show your support and for those that stayed till the end to clean, thank you as well. We love and appreciate each and everyone of you. God bless you in all your endeavors and I pray His purpose for your life will come to pass. It was indeed a successful party and I thank God for everything.

Stay passionate and be inspired


Happy Birthday Princess Keziah!


I just can’t contain myself right now!! I’m like an emotional wreck writing this because, by this time last year, I was in the hospital holding our miracle child. Now, for those of you who don’t know my story and look at my life now feeling like she has such a perfect life without realizing that people do go through tough times, let me be transparent a little bit…

Before God blessed hubby and I with Kizzy, I was 8 weeks pregnant and, on the day we were so excited to find out if the pregnancy was a viable one, to our greatest surprise I had miscarriage. I cried and cried and cried…asking God so many questions as to why He allowed this to happen. Families and friends came around to comfort me but it wasn’t enough. All I needed was an answer and to be left alone. One of the days as I was meditating in God’s Word, He spoke so softly to me and that did it for me. He comforted me with His Word and, up till now, I’m still holding on to that word. He told me to set my eyes completely focused on Him just like a hunter is ready on a target. He said “don’t look right or left for there are things to distract you from the target but, if you can keep your eyes on Me who is the target, you will see what I’m getting ready to do.” I had a miscarriage November 1, by December I saw my period and by January I found out I was pregnant again. Wow! Fast right? I’m being very transparent because it’s all about giving a testimony on what God has done for me and still continuing to do in my life. All those tears, uncertainties and questions turned into joy, dancing, and peace. Unexplainable happiness just filled my whole body and I began to claim my blessing. I began to speak life and take authority on the new pregnancy and I was not letting anything stop me from praying violently.

Today, hubby and I get to celebrate our miracle baby who is a blessing to the world. She is loved by literally everyone both young and old. She is crowded most times when I bring her around our church family and, it’s not to brag, but it’s just a blessing to have a child who is loved by everyone who meets her. Thank you to all those who have supported us throughout this one year journey. We could not have done it without your help and for that, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU!


Hopefully my story inspires someone out there who is going through a situation like a miscarriage. It happens to a lot of women but, unfortunately, not a lot of people talk about it. All I can say is that God is the only one that will comfort you to be in total healing and have a closure about it. Take it easy and trust Him to direct your Journey. Focus on Him and don’t be distracted or wavered. God bless you as you continue to follow me through my journey.


Happy Birthday Kizzy!! Daddy and Mommy love you so much and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for your future.


Thankful Thursday


Today’s blog goes out to these ladies that I’m grateful to call friends. Recently they launched their business called Milemonts Services. Look at how beautiful they are in this picture and I’m extremely proud of them.



Now, let me enlighten you a little bit about this business that attracted me to write about it. A lot of times people want to start a business for selfish reasons or their own agenda without a cause to help someone out there. However, Milemonts Services is helping raise funds towards sickle cell disease. Sickle Cell is defined as a chronic hereditary blood disease, occurring primarily among Africans or persons of African descent, in which abnormal hemoglobin causes red blood cells to become sickle-shaped and nonfunctional, characterized by enlarged spleen, chronic anemia, lethargy, weakness, joint pain, and blood clot formation. Unfortunately, Violet and Anique have lost people from this disease and that’s why they are both passionate about it.

Now you may ask, what is it that they do? Well, they provide Hor D’oeuvres to any event like Birthday parties and weddings. For any special occasion just contact them and they will be at your service. If you really want to enjoy your Hor D’oeuvres, give them a try. Their set up is beautiful and, trust me when I say, everything tastes good. I think I added a few pounds on the launch day because I wouldn’t stop eating 🙂 I kept going back for more! Enjoy the pictures from the event.



By the way, all these drinks are non-alcoholic for those of you thinking twice 🙂

I am very thankful that I was able to be a part of this day and, as an entrepreneur, it’s good to support each other. They can be reached through their email at Here’s to all the entrepreneurs out there working really hard to make it. Don’t give up. Chase after your dreams and believe God that, one day, your dream will come to pass and the world will see the testament of what God has done. Until then, stay beautiful and be inspired. Xx #adakuinspires