Thankful Thursday

This young lady that I am about to write on has inspired me so much in just a couple of days of watching her go through pain. This past weekend Favour (my sister) happened to be in a softball tournament with my hubby. This was a church event that we had and everyone came out to fellowship and have fun. It was really a good turnout. The food was great, the testimonies were amazing, and then it was the tournament.

Favour, being so competitive and athletic, played with her whole strength and a lot of people cheered for her. I heard some people tell me how they enjoyed watching her play this game. There were four teams that played. They played 2 games and whichever team that wins will then have to play each other for the championship. Well, Favour and her team won the first game. They took a lunch break before the championship game, which was what everybody was waiting for, and the team she was playing against have been undefeated for years and it was time to dethrone them (in the words of my husband lol). Anyway, here was when it all went down. Ten minutes into the game as Favour was on 1st base going for a run, she landed wrong on third base and her knee got displaced and she fell screaming in pain and agony. Somebody called 911 and immediately the fire department came first to see what they could do.


They gave her some pain medication through a catheter as we waited for an ambulance to come. She wouldn’t even let anyone touch her left knee because it was bent and her knee was dislocated. She was placed in the ambulance and I had to go with her because I’m family. We went to a nearby hospital where they looked at her knee through a CT scan and MRI. Thank God there were no broken bones, but she tore a ligament which is why she was in so much pain. They couldn’t do anything for her because they said she needed to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic specialist, but they prescribed some medications for her to take in the meantime.

The next morning, Favour was in extreme pain and felt her knee moving which was extremely hard to bear but here’s where it got better. A couple at my church who are very dear to my family came after service and massaged her knee. As the husband was massaging her knee, his wife prayed a fervent prayer for healing and it was powerful in the house. For hours they did this and Favour, for the first time got up to use the bathroom after they finished. She got up and told me the pain has subsided. Favour took a long nap and woke up to start doing things on her own that began to shock me. The next day we went to the orthopedic specialist and he told us that her knee got strengthened. I was like “When? Where?” That’s how shocked both of us were and we wanted him to explain to us what he meant by “her knee got strengthened.” He told us there’s nothing he can do as far as strengthening her knee because it’s back in place but, in a week’s time, she needs to come back to start her physical therapy.

Isn’t that Great News?!! My mom even came down to help us with our daughter while I focused on taking care of my sister. She cooked and made sure we were well fed. That’s why I’m cheesing so hard in the picture below.IMG_1824

Hubby was at work and couldn’t do anything about it, but was praying for good news from the hospital visit. Our living God who is The Balm of Gilead, Our healer, healed my sister. I am forever thankful to God and for those of you who prayed endlessly to see and hear positive results as she goes through this pain, Thank You Thank You Thank You. Your prayers got answered and they were not in vain. She is back in school now as she missed few days of classes.

IMG_1822She’s still with her crutches and her knee immobilizer as you can see from the picture above which we all know is not easy, but she’s a fighter. She doesn’t want any pity party, but rather wants to push strong so she can get her knee better. Continue to send your prayers for strength even though I know God has healed her. She needs strength to go through her classes and all that she’s involved in on campus.

By the way, her team worked so hard and they won the game!!! The took the trophy home and now Favour can say she was part of making history and breaking the record.

Thank you so much for coming with me through this journey. I appreciate each and everyone of you reading this. Never give up on anything you’re going through. Always remember that someone out there has it worse than you do.

Stay blessed and be encouraged today.

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