Thankful Thursday

It’s time to celebrate!!! Happy Happy Birthday to these beautiful women whose birthdays happen to be in September. As you all know, we celebrated our daughter’s birthday this month, but these amazing women were also born on this special month and I couldn’t have been happier. Each and everyone one of them have a special place in my heart and I am happy to write about them on their special month. Let’s start with Olivine as she goes by Angella whose birthday was on the 2nd and she turned the BIG 50!! Yes, I mean look at her because she doesn’t even look it. She’s a successful business woman who’s always thriving to do better and I’m extremely proud of her. Happy Birthday again lady.




Secondly, Goodness, who is my youngest sister, celebrated her birthday yesterday and it was a big birthday for her as well. She turned 18 and I am extremely proud of how this beautiful woman of God is growing up. She is so mature for her age that sometimes people can’t believe she’s eighteen. She’s doing very well in college as well as combining business with school. Wow! Happy Birthday Goodie. I love you so much Sis.


Also, Brittany’s birthday is today. Brittany is a close friend of mine whom I also refer to as my sister. We go way back…like really way back. She was my maid of honor at our wedding and she’s been there for me through good and bad times in my life. Let’s just say she’s family. She lives an hour away, but I don’t remember her missing any important event or celebrations in my life. She’s that good trust me and I am forever grateful to have her in my life. Happy Birthday again Sissy.


Joeann’s birthday is today as well. If you don’t know anything about this lady, she is a prayer warrior. She calls me randomly and starts encouraging me at the times when I need it most. She sends me prayers on my phone and it’s exactly what God is telling me which is very encouraging because it’s a confirmation and I love that she’s always seeking the face of God. I know today is definitely special for Joeann because she is one special lady that God is using to lift His people up in times of trials and tribulations, and this woman has certainly had trials and tribulations but, trust me, you would never know because she doesn’t complain. Thank you Joeann for confiding in me and I cherish our friendship. Happy Birthday lady and know that God loves you even more.


Sometimes I refer to my closest friends as sisters because they mean more than a friend to me. I am so happy celebrating their birthdays with them and I thank God for being a part of their lives. I couldn’t find a lot of throwbacks with all of them but hope you enjoy celebrating with the ones I have so far. Talk about some throwback pictures!!!

Please make them feel special by wishing them a happy birthday on their social media.

Facebook: Angella Chaps, Brittany Cobb, Joeann Crowder

Instagram: Goodness- @ggoodiee and Angella – @cedia10

Thank you and hope you all stay blessed today. #adakuinspires

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