Thankful Thursday

From Walking To Weaning…

Last week’s blog was about Kizzy taking a couple of steps to walk and we got all excited here at the Ikotun’s household.
Well, this week Kizzy has been weaned off from breastfeeding!! This I must say was not easy emotionally and it was a challenge. I knew I was ready to transition and I needed to make a decision whether to continue or to say bye bye to the boobies. Anyway, last week she went on a weekend trip to see her grandparents and she slept peacefully during her nights there without breastmilk. When I picked her up, she cried reaching her hands and pulling my shirt down. I knew at that moment I was in a big pot of soup! She cried on our ride home and I still didn’t give in. To make a long story short, I had to have a conversation with her as she cried and looked at me with despair. I said to her “Mommy is done and no more milk for you here.”


For those of you who don’t know my toddler already transitioned to eating solids ever since she was six months so having prolonged breastfeeding was just for her comfort. I had to come to a realization that I was just her “pacifier” as other moms would refer but she didn’t need it. Especially at nighttime when it’s time for her to go to bed, she would be on it for about five minutes and then fall asleep…and the stories continue.

I definitely miss our breastfeeding bonding time because that’s something I cannot trade with anybody. However, we’ve found other means to bond plus she’s bonding even more now with daddy which I’m happy about. He now takes over the nighttime routine which involves reading and putting her in bed. It gives mommy a little bit of a break that was needed. Oh! The best part about this is that she sleeps all through the night!! Did I say that loud enough? Yes! My princess sleeps through the night and doesn’t wake up until late in the morning. This is when I say GOD IS GOOD!! HALLELUJAH and AMEN

We are extremely thankful for this huge transition and it happened really fast, but we are ok with it. Thanks for following me through this journey and I’ll continue to do my best to bring you along my transitions as a mother. Take care and God bless.

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Thankful Thursday

Disclaimer: You will hear the words ‘excitement, exciting, excited’ a lot so be warned! Not because I don’t have other alternative words to use but because I just want to use these words. Hope you enjoy reading:

Ahhh!! She’s almost there. As I cringe with great excitement watching my daughter recently take a couple of steps. She’s been doing it little by little every now and then, depending on me to hold her hand just like in the pictures below.




Yesterday she surprised me even more. I just can’t get it out as I’m writing because it was a moment that I cherished. Kizzy’s bestie, Lydia, and her mom, Kristin, were with us yesterday along with a mutual friend. She loves her Aunty so much that I think she wanted to show off. All of a sudden, as we were just sitting and chatting, Kizzy got up on her own and took a few steps. She fell some times but her persistence got us all. I couldn’t even capture the moment, not because I didn’t want to, but I was soaking it all in. Also, whenever I pull out my phone to take a video, she will fall so I said “forget it.” I’m sure moms out there can attest to what I’m saying.

Hubby was at work very late so I didn’t get a chance to tell him until this morning. He jumped out of bed with excitement, kissed her and told her all the mushy things a dad would tell his daughter. Then he asked her to walk for him and she did it!! We were just full of excitement this morning that I’m praying we didn’t wake our neighbors up.

Needless to say, our daughter is finally taking steps on her own and we are excited. I know she’s not fully running all over the place but we are very happy to know she’s taking a giant leap of faith to step out. We are very thankful for our princess, Keziah. Keep making your parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and all those that love you proud. This is just the beginning so be on the lookout for more updates to come.

Leave in the comment section below to tell me some exciting things that happened in your life recently. Hope your day is filled with excitement!


Thankful Thursday

Wow, Time really flies! I remember just writing my last week’s thankful Thursday and it felt like yesterday. Well, I’m excited to write about this week’s blog.

My church has been extremely busy this week with a play production we call ‘From Here To Eternity.’ It’s a week long play that’s about heaven and hell. So far it’s been AMAZING. Our church is known in the city for doing this play for so many years and each time there’s a new WOW factor! Last year we decided to skip it due to some reasons and we brought it back this year. The responses we got on just the first night was mind blowing. Over one hundred people came out for the altar call. Like seriously let’s be honest here, how many people do you see at other churches respond to altar calls like this picture below?


It’s rare! By the way, this picture was taken yesterday (Wednesday night) and we still have tonight and tomorrow night. You don’t want to miss this.

I hope you could hear my voice as you’re reading this because I’m literally screaming in awe at how amazing God is. Like I said before, I cannot begin to explain to you how busy we have been this past week. So many families are involved, including little kids, and they help out with so much joy. However, when you look at the lives that are running to the altar to get saved, you easily forget how tired you are and just rejoice with them. With all the killings happening around the world, it’s good to know that the kingdom of God is getting flooded with souls hungry for Christ.

With all that being said, I am and will forever be thankful for my church family. A production like this is what brings and knits us together as one. We’re all there for one purpose, which is to do our best in our areas so that more souls will run to altar to get saved. First, make sure you come out tonight and tomorrow night at 7:30pm come out to 1607 Cromwell Bridge, Parkville MD 21234 and watch this play for yourself. Don’t let others tell you about it, come see it for yourself. Second, if you can’t make it for any reasons maybe distance or work, I encourag you to change lives each day. Bring a soul to the kingdom of God and let’s spoil heaven. Let’s stop the killings and hating on each other so that we can bring love and positivity to this nation. This nation is desperately in need of God and using the tool of a great theatrical production allows us to have an opportunity to change lives and see a decrease in the violence. Share this with all your friends and let’s spread the word around.

PS: if you’re coming on Friday, come extra early because we’ll have well over 3,000 people coming that night!

It’s so amazing 🙂

Stay blessed and Be positive

Thankful Thursday

Before I begin writing this blog, I would like to take a moment to send my condolences to those affected in the Las Vegas shooting. My heart goes out to those families who lost their loved ones in this tragedy. I pray that God will give you strength and peace to go through this hurtful moment in your lives.

Each Thursday I think deeply about who or what I’m thankful for in my life. It’s not always easy finding what to write but, sometimes, God reveals to me what to write and then it begins to flow, just like today’s blog. My Thankful Thursdays mean a lot to me and that’s why I think deeply about what I put out here for my lovely audience to read.

Let’s just get into it. Today I would like to dedicate my blog to an amazing woman who has made me proud this week. Her name is Donna Snyder. Donna is a lovely wife, a mom and a representative of Rodan and Fields. She is a fighter and doesn’t give up when things are tough. For the past week, she has taken a task that she didn’t see coming her way and I commend her for that because it just tells me the type of person she is. This task can be overwhelming but she is doing a great job handling it like a pro. Trust me, there’s no reason to go into detail, but rather I just want to highlight the type of character this woman of God carries in her.

The main reason why I’m highlighting Donna today (or should I say putting her on the spot) is because she did something recently that blew my mind. She let her natural hair out!! For some of you who don’t understand the depth of this, you might look at this picture and say, “what’s the big deal?”

IMG_2004Yes! It is a big deal when you have a rare sickness that doesn’t allow your hair to grow normally and you feel like you have to live off of wigs. Well, this courageous woman said no to wearing her beautiful wig and decided to be bold to let it out! I almost cried with joy because I know how much this meant to her.

Donna, I want you to know that I am extremely proud of you. Whether you are wearing your wig or letting your natural hair out, I am still proud of the woman you are inside. You make me so proud anytime we talk and have our heart to heart conversations. Continue to stay bold and beautiful and you never know how your story helps someone out there to be courageous at their current time of hardship.

There’s ALWAYS something to be thankful for. Little or large, what are you thankful for?

Stay courageous