Thankful Thursday

Wow, Time really flies! I remember just writing my last week’s thankful Thursday and it felt like yesterday. Well, I’m excited to write about this week’s blog.

My church has been extremely busy this week with a play production we call ‘From Here To Eternity.’ It’s a week long play that’s about heaven and hell. So far it’s been AMAZING. Our church is known in the city for doing this play for so many years and each time there’s a new WOW factor! Last year we decided to skip it due to some reasons and we brought it back this year. The responses we got on just the first night was mind blowing. Over one hundred people came out for the altar call. Like seriously let’s be honest here, how many people do you see at other churches respond to altar calls like this picture below?


It’s rare! By the way, this picture was taken yesterday (Wednesday night) and we still have tonight and tomorrow night. You don’t want to miss this.

I hope you could hear my voice as you’re reading this because I’m literally screaming in awe at how amazing God is. Like I said before, I cannot begin to explain to you how busy we have been this past week. So many families are involved, including little kids, and they help out with so much joy. However, when you look at the lives that are running to the altar to get saved, you easily forget how tired you are and just rejoice with them. With all the killings happening around the world, it’s good to know that the kingdom of God is getting flooded with souls hungry for Christ.

With all that being said, I am and will forever be thankful for my church family. A production like this is what brings and knits us together as one. We’re all there for one purpose, which is to do our best in our areas so that more souls will run to altar to get saved. First, make sure you come out tonight and tomorrow night at 7:30pm come out to 1607 Cromwell Bridge, Parkville MD 21234 and watch this play for yourself. Don’t let others tell you about it, come see it for yourself. Second, if you can’t make it for any reasons maybe distance or work, I encourag you to change lives each day. Bring a soul to the kingdom of God and let’s spoil heaven. Let’s stop the killings and hating on each other so that we can bring love and positivity to this nation. This nation is desperately in need of God and using the tool of a great theatrical production allows us to have an opportunity to change lives and see a decrease in the violence. Share this with all your friends and let’s spread the word around.

PS: if you’re coming on Friday, come extra early because we’ll have well over 3,000 people coming that night!

It’s so amazing 🙂

Stay blessed and Be positive

4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Its my first year experiencing all this greatness! God is amazing and I thank Him for blessing me with you my awesome church family


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