Thankful Thursday


This week has been so phenomenal that words can’t express how I feel. My church celebrated their 34th anniversary and it was beyond great. Amazing speakers came, preached a good word, and prophesied to us. They reminded us of how grateful we should be for sitting under the anointing of Bishop Bart Pierce who is our senior pastor. Some of our fellowship pastors shared heartfelt stories that moved me to tears. The millennials were prayed for and sent forth to be bold in their walk with God. One of the nights, we couldn’t even move after God showed up in the room and messed us all up. Ladies, if you would have had your makeup fully done, that service would have jacked everything up including your mascara! LOL! It was that kind of a night.

I can’t fully soak in everything but I know that God showed up and my life was changed. Not just that, but my mind in general is in a complete focus because I got a clear revelation of what I should be doing. My purpose was made clear and only God can do such a thing. I am and will be forever grateful for my church and our senior pastor because of the anointing that constantly flows in the church. To me, that’s my family and I’m 100% all in to see what God is about to do. I am forever grateful for the support of my husband, my friends at church, the worship team singing every night with smiles, all the people who served in the nursery putting up with our kids and didn’t complain about missing what’s going on in the sanctuary. My hat goes out to you. I am forever grateful for the leaders we have at my church including the elders and pastors. Basically everyone who served to make this convention a successful one, all I want to say is THANK YOU. May God continue to bless you, renew your strength, pour back into what you put out, and may He continue to take you from glory to glory to glory.
Have a blessed day!

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