Thankful Thursday

Let’s Get Pampered!

What would you do if you get a message from a friend saying that they would like to give you a free facial? Would you say, “oh no this is a scam”or would you be like me and say “Heck yes! Let’s do this and what’s your schedule like?” Well, this mutual friend of mine reached out to me because she is a Mary Kay consultant and is heading on the roadmap to becoming a director. One of the incentives I believe is to give as many people free facials and hope that somebody would support you but it’s not required. It would be obvious to say I didn’t oblige to the offer because of the free facial. However, I was drawn to her enthusiastic and entrepreneurial spirit which was what made me to say “yes” and I couldn’t wait to meet her in person.

The cool thing about this whole experience was that I could invite some friends to this experience. I took advantage of this and invited some good friends who were available during the time we scheduled. We had a blast! I made some spicy food to go with the occasion and we just enjoyed the moment. It was a room filled with joy and positivity and that’s what I love to surround myself with. This was an awesome experience that I would not forget and it has drawn us closer as friends.


I encourage you to take time if you can to enjoy the simple things in life. For me, I am drawn to people who are adventurous and aren’t afraid to say yes in trying new things. Surround yourself with positive people. People that bring out your smiles, your craziness, and people that love you for you. What have you done recently for yourself or even with yourself that made you feel pampered? Leave comments below and let’s chat. I will end this blog here and hope to catch you in my next one here at Adaku Inspires! Cheers xx


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