Thankful Thursday


There’s so much to be thankful for on this day. I am blessed to have the life I have today and to know that God has surrounded me with love. This year’s Thanksgiving is very special to us because we have our daughter who is now walking around in the kitchen helping mommy cook and watching every step I take in adding spices here and there. How cool is that! She loves to be in the kitchen with mommy and hopefully very soon she’ll start doing dishes and cleaning up after herself haha (Adaku, stop thinking too far she’s only a year old!)

Anyway, today I know a lot of families are doing some food preparation to get ready for dinner. As a born and raised African, my family didn’t know what to do during this time especially when it comes to American dishes like turkey, mac and cheese, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, stuffing, green beans (I can go on and on but I don’t want to make anybody too hungry and you get where I’m going with this, right?)

So what do we do? Thanksgiving, for us, truly means coming together and just enjoying each other’s company no matter what kind of dishes are made. We reminisce on so many things and my mom would usually tell us stories of when we were little, what each of us did differently, or how we gave her a lot trouble and headache growing up. These are funny moments I cherish with my family and I cannot trade it for anything.

This year, things will be a little different because I’m bringing an American dish, which is mac and cheese, that I’m pretty confident, tastes good and I’m sure they would enjoy it. This will be added with other African dishes like jollof rice, plantains, chicken, of course turkey and so on. Another thing we will do differently is that everybody will go around and say what they are thankful for in each other’s lives and, new this year, we’ll by pick a name from the “thankful jar” and that person will be the one to share. I’m going to introduce it later this evening and I’m sure it will be fun!

For those living in the United States, as you spend your Thanksgiving today, don’t forget to tell each other “THANK YOU.” It’s not always about the food and drinks but it’s the reason behind why we come together to be grateful. This might be the only chance you get to say to the people you love how thankful you are to have them in your life. Those of you who don’t live in America, please don’t wait once a year to tell someone how much you appreciate them.

I am very thankful to each of you who have supported me throughout this journey and, without your support, I wouldn’t be writing this and sending this out on Thanksgiving Day. Thank you again and God bless!

Happy Thanksgiving! #adakuinspires


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