Thankful Thursday



Congratulations to my brother, Joshua Ikotun. He graduated yesterday with his bachelors degree in Accounting and we couldn’t be more proud of him. I can tell you so much about this young man who continues to exude excellence in his studies. Not only did he graduate as one of top in his class, he already has a good job waiting for him in August. For the meantime, he will be working very closely with a CFO in an accounting firm getting more experience especially as the tax season approaches.


My sisters all flew down from Japan and also drove from New Jersey to celebrate him as well. We all screamed our lungs out as they called his name. We watched him step on that stage so majestically and collected his diploma. One thing I love about my brother Josh is that he’s very hardworking when it comes to his future. He doesn’t take no for an answer and he’s bold as a lion. We have a big family and he made sure that each of us got tickets to come to his graduation, including his two friends who cheered him on. Also, his scholarships got him through college which is outstanding.


Josh, Peter and I are extremely proud of you as well the entire IKOTUNS. I am especially thankful to have you as my brother to be a part of a family who loves, supports, and pushes one another to their best abilities. The sky is your limit and I know you have so much exciting things coming your way and I cannot wait to celebrate with you.




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