Thankful Thursday


Morning Motivation
As I woke up this morning to start my day, I’m being reminded of how good God is. I know this year just started and we all have goals and aspirations but I’m here to encourage you to put God first in front of that goal before even going further. To be honest with you, I always say to myself that I’m not a morning person, but for some reason this year I find myself waking up and spending quality time with God before I do anything. For sometime now I have asked God to make things clear as to what is my next assignment for this season I’m in. He recently made it very clear and my heart is just filled with joy because I have a focused vision as to what I’m supposed to be doing. I feel like a kid jumping around the house screaming with excitement. I know where I need to be and I have to push hard to get there, even if it requires me to say no to my bed.

I am very thankful to have the Holy Spirit who gets me up in the morning to attack each day with a purpose. I intend on making things happen and not waiting for things to happen. Making an effort goes a long way and you just have to start somewhere, like having a routine and being consistent to that routine.
Get up and begin to create momentum because the future is in front of you and not behind you. I know this is not the normal blog you’re used to seeing in terms of Thankful Thursday. It feels like a TED Talk right? However, if this is what it takes to motivate and get you focused, then I’m very thankful to God for that. Hope this encourages someone out there.

Have an awesome Thursday and I’ll catch you very soon!

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