Thankful Thursday

642FB709-626C-4ED2-815C-3C9DF2FFDA5BGrowing Up Too Fast

“The Consolidation Period” is what I call this stage. Some statistics say that 90 percent of 17 month old babies are walking well enough that they’re able to walk, squat down to pick an object up off of the floor – or stoop to play with it for a minute or so – and then pop right up again and keep on going. Yeah! That’s definitely my toddle, and then some. It’s surreal that she’s able to do all that plus more because I feel like it was just yesterday that she couldn’t walk without holding onto something.

Singing her ABCs and 123s in addition to other songs is one way she learns really quickly. Music is something she loves as well. A song can be playing and her face will lighten up and then she goes into a dancing mood.

Climbing up the stairs seems to be a fun game to her but coming down is a little challenging unless she holds my hands. She also climbs the couch and turns herself around with a big smile like someone who just won a lottery while daddy and mummy’s heart beats heavily. She really is testing her physical abilities but we got her covered. So far she hasn’t tried climbing out of her crib (fingers crossed) even though we’ve adjusted the crib to the lowest level.

The fun part about this stage is that she is learning very fast. Her vocabularies are pretty amazing for her age. For example, she says words like “apple” “water” “book” “ nap nap” “ nite nite,” etc. One thing that hubby taught her and it gives me joy to hear her say that is “In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.” She mumbles the first few sentences and shouts the “Amen” part so loud that you must hear it! LOL! She is also my little helper in the kitchen especially when I’m cooking. She watches my move and, while I’m putting each seasoning in the food, I tell her the name of it. It’s fun and exciting for the both of us. I can go on and on telling you an update of our toddler Kizzy but I’ll stop here. Oh by the way, she is super excited about the baby on the way. She wakes up kissing my belly and saying “baby, baby.” She gives baby a hug and a kiss, which melts my heart.


I am so thankful for her development at this stage. I’m grateful to have her as my God given little helper especially when baby girl arrives. Obviously she’s not perfect but she understands when I tell her to put things in the trash or clean up (which she sings the “clean up, clean up everybody, everywhere” clean up song). We love our Kizzy so much and are forever grateful to God for giving us such our precious little girl.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and, if you have a toddler or even a niece or nephew and you remember your experiences dealing with your toddler, please share them below because I would love to hear them. I have so many that I can’t even put down on paper. Ok, I’m done! Have a lovely day and I’ll catch you in my next blog!

Stay blessed and forever thankful

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