Thankful Thursday

This month is a powerful month because it’s women’s history month. Some women in the past have worked really hard and, sometimes, their work and contributions went unnoticed. During this month, I will be highlighting some of the women that I personally know who work very hard yet they don’t get enough credit as they deserve.


I will be starting it off by presenting Mrs. Victoria. This woman is a wife, mother, daughter, teacher, mentor, and a powerful prayer warrior. She is such a hard worker in whatever she is doing, whether at home, school, or church. She’s one of my closest friends that I call for anything and she will drop whatever she’s doing to come and help me. We cry, laugh, share personal stories of what we’re going through, correct one another with love, serve each other with respect, and most of all we pray together once a week in the prayer room. This woman is a disciplinarian to not just her own kids but to other kids in her profession because she is training a generation who will one day rule this country.

I understand women’s history month is about the women who have made an impact or contributed to events in history. However, there are also women who are currently making an impact, whether big or small, in today’s society which is why I’m highlighting Mrs. Victoria as one of those women I personally know. She Inspires me in so many levels and I thank God for allowing us to cross paths. I might not say this a lot to her but, if she was right here in front of me, I would say, “Victoria, I’m grateful and thankful for who you are what you do as a whole. Keep going and keep inspiring the world.”

I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s blog and, if you did, leave a comment below and share some of the women that have played, or currently play a major role in your life.

Stay Inspired

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