Thankful Thursday

DISCLAIMER: None of the women I write about know anything about what I say until it’s published to the public. I write as God leads me and gives me a name, so please bear that in mind.

Have you ever been excited to write about someone that you appreciate and care about? Anyway, this next woman that I want to put on blast is no other than Julie Traut. She wears so many hats that I can’t begin to tell you all of it. Julie is an amazing wife to Mr. Kris Traut, a mom of three and expecting one on the way who’s literally due any moment from now (in case you’re wondering why so many of my friends are pregnant at the same time, we honestly didn’t plan any of it…it just happened 😀), an awesome daughter to her mom, and has a loving relationship with her brother.


Now that you’ve got to know a little bit of who I’m writing about, let’s get deeper. Julie, from my perspective and also knowing her personally, loves to work hard. She is what I call super mom and she never wants any credit for it. Here’s a woman who would work until she’s having contractions. She is a giver of her time no matter how busy her life is. I have been blessed to get a taste of how loving and caring Julie is to me and I know so many people can attest to this as well. Yes, she’s not perfect, and none of us are, but she works hard each day to become a better person. Not only does she have those attributes but she is a prayer warrior.


I am very thankful for this woman of God in my life. I’m blessed to say that she confides in me and we have built a trusting relationship that I know was God orchestrated. Thank you Julie for all you do and for your friendship. I can’t wait to meet Baby Traut very soon.

Happy Thursday lovelies and I’ll catch you in my next one. Cheers xx

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